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7 Tips you must know for designing your office decor


tips for designing your office

[dropcap font=”” size=”1″ background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ transparent=”0″]A[/dropcap] good office is the lifeblood of a successful company. Having a spanking office space gives you an environment which is conducive to productivity and thus, helps you achieve more. Offices come in various shapes and sizes.

Whatever space you have got, you must make optimum use of it and design an office in line with what your organization stands for. It has to be a place where you can spend endless productive hours working on something you truly believe in.

Why having the right office is important?

An office is your sacred space where you will, in all likelihood, spend quite a number of hours building something. Thus, having the right office with a pleasing design becomes all the more important. If you are on the lookout for some design tips for your first office then read on…

  1. Invest in the right chair: Your chair is where you will be spending the majority of your working time, so it is understandable that you must invest in a chair which is fairly comfortable, ergonomic, looks good and is stable enough to support you during those mid-work body stretches. And it should have excellent back support. Cash-strapped companies should think long term and spend their money on the best furniture they can find. Cheap and poorly designed chairs can cause back pain and other problems, eventually leading to absenteeism.tip 1 to design your office
  2. Color, color, color: Colors have the power to influence people’s moods, feelings and emotions in a subtle but sure manner. Having the wrong color on your office walls or furniture is a dampener and can lead to lower efficiency and a not-so-great mood, leading to a poor work environment. Thus, you must always use colors which make you happy and more effective at work. Which color fits your bill is just a matter of finding out what gets your productivity motor running?tip 2 for designing your office
  3. Light it up: The office will be a place where you and your employees will be spending a majority of their waking hours. A lack of natural light can have a bad impact on mood and productivity. This must be avoided at all costs.So take a step towards greener office spaces and save on electricity bills by making space for enough properly placed windows so that ample amount of natural light can come in. This also helps in cutting down the possibility of headaches and eye strains. Consider using task lighting where possible. Position the desks and angle the computer monitors in such a way as to avoid direct glare from sunlight or overhead lights.
  4. De-clutter the tech wiring: As obvious as it may sound, the unsightly cords, chargers, etc. spoil the look and therefore must be planned for being kept as close to the electrical outlets as possible for easy access and minimum clutter.tip 4 office designing
  5. Organize vertically: The gift of space is a valuable one and therefore you must utilize whatever space you have in an intelligent and judicious manner. You can use the area available under the desks for handy storage of stationary items, post-its, etc. Walls can be used to hang floating shelves, which also helps to eliminate excess items from your desk by moving them off it.tip 5 for a beautiful office
  6. Keep it open: The biggest advantage of an open office is that you can have more usable space for your employees as the area occupied by walls due to cubicles will be lesser, thereby freeing up more carpet area. An open office also means less money is being used for temperature control purposes as only one space is being heated or cooled as opposed to multiple cubicles. Having an open office has one significant advantage: the layout of your office can be changed quickly and with minimal effort, giving a new look to your office.
  7. Create a break-out space: A break-out space is much more than a place where employees can have lunch. For your employees to unwind and catch-up between works, a break-out space is imperative. It helps in breaking communication barriers, encouraging spontaneity between employees and provides a place away from the work-desk, aiding creativity.

Lastly, always remember that employee motivation is a major factor which affects your organization’s performance. So, putting motivational quotes is a great idea which can be incorporated.