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Chandni Chowk: Explore Delhi’s Biggest Shopping Hub

Chandni Chowk, a name derived from the majestic moonlight is situated right in the middle of old Delhi. In its vicinity lies two historical sites, the Mughal-era Red Fort and the 17th century Jama Masjid. The market, which used to be a centre of trading activities has grown into the biggest and busiest shopping hub with shops selling everything from spices, dried fruits, silver jewellery, vivid saris, essential oils, stationery and of course traditional Indian sweets. The heterogeneity of this market will be replicated in Omaxe Chowk, a commercial development coming up in the heart of Chandni Chowk.
The market has a rustic charm that attracts a wide array of shoppers. From the curious foreign tourists marvelling at the experience, the domestic tourists keenly aware of the market’s history, food enthusiasts, the soon to be married on a shopping spree and the local shoppers stocking up from the wholesale market, the market indeed is a lively place to be.
On account of its popularity, the whole area is usually choc-a-bloc with traffic and shoppers jostling for space. While the crowd in a way adds to the charm of the area, for many braving the congestion is too much to ask. The shops and infrastructure in the area is indeed from another era and is now busting at its seams, a fact enough to discourage many shoppers from even venturing into the area. The commercial development will cater to these deficiencies in Chandni Chowk and add to the charm of shopping in Asia’s largest marketplace.
From traders that have been in business for generations to eateries with fares enticing enough to command a dedicated following, the market continues to attract new generations of fans and Omaxe Chowk will provide a platform to next-gen entrepreneurs who endeavour to run their businesses  from a more organised commercial set up where issues like parking etc are adequately addressed. What the market lacks in infrastructure will more than made up by a new-kind of charm. The market, however, needs a makeover and infrastructure upgrade to meet the rising demand from patrons thronging the market and Omaxe Chowk is at the forefront of this initiative with a commercial development that is happening in Chandni Chowk after 300 years.
Any development undertaken in the area must take into account the history of the area and blend in with the surroundings. Omaxe Chowk has blended British, Mughal and Indian architecture seamlessly to make the experience of shopping even more enticing. As the city expands and with it the number of vehicles plying the roads increases, a solution for parking woes plaguing the area will be a good place to start. Omaxe Chowk will have parking for 2100 cars and 81 tourist buses.

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