How To Rent Commercial Space For Your Office

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How to rent commercial office space


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As your business grows and thrives, there comes an immediate need for accommodating your employees to a bigger and better space. Renting your first office space thus becomes an exciting prospect for your developing business.

With numerous pointers to keep in mind before starting to research or hunt for a commercial space for your office, renting an office space can get tricky if you don’t plan and execute carefully.

1. Planning

Planning for renting commercial spaces is directly proportional to the kind of business you run. When it comes to renting, one needs to be realistic. Depending upon the type of business and its need, roughly figure out how much space would be needed for your office.

This will further help you narrow down your options when the actual hunt begins.

2. Budget

Budgeting is the key factor that will help you manage your funds without having you to go overboard. Therefore having a strict budget in your mind is crucial. Knowing your budget proves to be helpful in narrowing down your options and keeps you from spending more than your framework.

Your budget rests on your leasing options depending upon the space that needs to be rented. Having your budget in place will help in the smooth operation of your finances.

3. Extra Expenses

If you thought, having a budget will sort your renting process, you just might need to think again, as there is always an extra expenditure that just creeps in. Moving expenses, utilities, insurances, maintenance, and cost of supplies are some of the extra expenditures that you need to keep in mind before renting. Also, make sure you are aware of what is included and what’s not in the actual rent agreement.

4. Lease Agreement

Before signing the lease agreement make sure that it is well read and understood clearly. The Lease agreement spells out all the terms and conditions of the agreement between the landlord and the tenants, so make sure all the provisions are laid down clearly. Don’t go by the word of it, make sure everything discussed is mentioned in the lease agreement. Also, make sure to pay attention to the terms that are associated with the dissolution of the lease under any circumstances.

In general, the longer the lease agreement, more negotiating power one has. This means you can negotiate on price or other expenses on your lease agreement. Also, ensure the lease agreement is flexible that gives you mutual power towards addition or dissolution of any clause.

5. Accessibility

Location directly affects your cost and affordability pattern. So make sure you finalize a location that fits your budget and at the same time is easily accessible for your employees and clients. Customer convenience, easy to locate and accessibility towards public transportation etc. should be high on your priority list. A safe commercial neighborhood is another factor that needs to be catered before deciding on a place.

6. Secure space

Being prepared for any form of natural calamity is always a smart approach. Ensure the building space you are renting is secure and in a spacious environment. For the security and safety of your employees, also be aware of the exit points from the building in case of a natural disaster. Moreover; the building should be checked for any sort of faulty wiring or risky areas in advance. Appointment of a security guard and amenities such as after-hour security should also be taken care of before finalizing the place.

7. Parking space

With cities getting overpopulated with each passing day, it is difficult to get dedicated parking spaces around residential or commercial properties. So parking is one factor that cannot be overlooked while deciding on an office space. Make sure the area near your office has a spacious and secure parking that adds to the convenience of the employees and potential clients that travel by their own transport.

8. Office Space

Your office is a direct reflection of your business. Some of the best office spaces around the world like Google, Facebook are known for their inspiring and amazing interior decor. Making sure the space that you rent and the way you choose to customize it sends a message to the visitors and your employees about your business.


9. Area-specific spaces

Having desks or cubicles are just a part of the office interior. You‘ll need to think about additional spaces that are required as per your business needs. Area-specific spaces such as conference room, cabins for different departments in the office, a common area for activities, cafeteria for employees to eat and relax are some common area specific spaces that you might require before locking things down.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in minds, Omaxe strives to make your commercial property experience comfortable and enjoyable by understanding your needs and delivering it accordingly. If you are looking out to rent commercial property make sure to check Omaxe for easy, convenient and secure commercial property options.


  1. Now startups or any business owner who want to start a business requires office space. So commercial spaces can be given on rent as an office space. Now there are many online platforms which are giving different types of spaces on a short term basis. So it’s good to rent the space form there only.

  2. Nice Post!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. You have explained very nicely about the commercial space for the office.

  3. This is a great post!
    You have covered all the information that is essential for a commercial space on rent.
    Good planning is actually required before you go on to rent any commercial space.
    There are many platforms that provide you with renting spaces on a temporary basis so that you can test out the markets before deciding on the right venue.

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