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Commercial properties in Bahadurgarh in which you should invest

As a business owner, there are multiple potential investments that you can do, that will yield future revenue streams. One of them is investing in commercial properties as its ROI is way higher and generates greater revenue. We at Omaxe have been creating extraordinary opportunities in commercial properties in Bahadurgarh that you should invest in. 

New business opportunities in ‘Gateway of Haryana’ 

Called the ‘Gateway of Haryana’ the city of Bahadurgarh comes under the NCR region on the Delhi Tikri border.  The city of Bahadurgarh has emerged as a booming sector for commercial as well as residential complexes. The city is swiftly attracting employment as well as a huge infrastructure boom in recent years. 

In the last stage of development, we at Omaxe have created a revolution in the commercial space and have since developed two properties in Bahadurgarh that are already attracting big investments. 

Prospective Benefits for investing in Commercial property in Bahadurgarh

Revenue through different commercial properties 

This is one of the main upside when you invest in a commercial property. This can be a great source of revenue stream as it can be a great investment on many angles. 

The property in Bahadurgarh can be a great source of terrific rental gains. Plus there is no dilution of owner rights. This can be a great source of business investment as it can generate monthly income. 

Extensive Options 

As you increase your investment options in that area, you will come across more and better options when you invest in Omaxe. As Bahadurgarh is now a booming city with a great connectivity and other sources you come across all the other sources that can be a grand revenue generation source in the near future.

Great capital appreciation

After a span of 5-10 the money invested in any commercial property is recouped and further capital gains can be expected that can be exponential. Generally the investors sell the property at that time, but still owning that commercial property in Bahadurgarh can be a great asset if future growth of the city is considered. 

Tax Savings and benefits 

 As you are an investor in a state, the state government provides certain tax subsidies and further tax benefits that can help the investors in those states. Haryana is a booming hub for new investments, and Bahadurgarh is outgrowing as an investment hub for commercial as well as residential properties.  

Risk and rewards

Some business owners are reluctant to invest in commercial properties due to short term visions. But in the long run these investments can generate great exponential investment returns. If you are a foreign investor or NRI, then there are even lucrative benefits to investment in property in Bahadurgarh

Personal asset advantages 

As a business owner, we list all the advantages and on an individual level, these assets can help you in the future too. These commercial property investments when present on balance sheets can assist you in many other investments or for taking loans from banks.

Assorted Portfolio

The benefits of owning a property in NCR can generate many assorted advantages and prospects that can be a source of investments in other streams and opportunities. Bahadurgarh has become a hotbed of major business investments. 

Low competition benefit

Commercial real estate, although an extremely profitable and growth-generating sector still has an edge for subsequently low competition. This can work to the business’s advantage that’s speculating on the investment options in commercial property in Bahadurgarh.

We are delighted to announce two new projects in Bahadurgarh: 

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At Omaxe, we envision a future of a growing city that can encompass the dreams of people and we make these dreams into reality through our infrastructures. 

Omaxe City Gate and Omaxe Galleria are the two commercial property scapes that cover a giant landscape to provide an exceptional lifestyle to the people of Bahadurgarh. 


Sprawled in an immense area of 88 acres, the Omaxe city covers the widespread land while Omaxe GALLERIA is under that umbrella of exquisite Omaxe City. It is located on Sector 14 in Bahadurgarh on Jhajjar Road. The OMAXE GALLERIA is a beautiful architectural piece that encompasses options like retail shops, office spaces and service flats. 

On the brink of completion, the Omaxe Galleria is accustomed with all the required and modern amenities. Full power backup is provided in case of uncertainties. The Galleria is designed to benchmark its presence in that landscape. It is also adjacent to footwear park that has been considered as the largest footwear park in Asia. This can be a great asset in terms of great business opportunities.

Great Connectivity 

Strategically connected to NH-10 the Omaxe Galleria has fantastic connectivity to the NCR region. That can be a great advantage for further business opportunities. Plus the latest infrastructure constructed on the world-class standards. 

As a prime location, it attracts buyers from businesses to homeowners and commercial prospective buyers. 


A revolutioning project to change the landscape of Bahadurgarh, the OMAXE CITY GATE is changing the concept of shopping and upscaling it to a new level in Bahadurgarh. 

Located in sector 15, the City Gate has combined all the big shopping brands and bought them under one roof. All this has created a great environment for great business and investment opportunities. 

The CITY GATE is equipped with showroom styled shops and service flats to further accommodate the best suited needs of modern shopping and lifestyle.

Spread in an area of 5 acres, it is a new way for business owners and customers to have the advanced lifestyle according to the best needs.

Security and basic amenities 

Taking care of the environment has always been a concern for OMAXE and we have left an area of approx. 4 acres under the green cover for luscious greens. 

Plus, the whole area is under 24×7 CCTV surveillance to safeguard the premises. The property is equipped with redundant systems. In case of any power failures, power backup will never hinder your life. 

Taking the commercial space to new heights, we at OMAXE have created a new wave of revolutions under commercial property in Bahadurgarh that have opened the new doors for business investments and great business ideas. Almost all the commercial spaces are sold out and minimal opportunities are left to engage in to get great returns. Trust in OMAXE and we will turn your dreams into reality.