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Every new project promises you ‘modern’ amenities. New housing plans include many features that make these superior to traditional living. Other than the infrastructure – that is, roads, lighting, drainage, water supply and power-backup, what makes living in a modern housing interesting is the list of amenities that you may be missing out in your old city. Else, you may be paying separately each month to avail such benefits. Have a look, what all you get when you shift to modern house. By the way, Omaxe properties, have most facilities you may have been looking for. For beautiful residential properties in cities like Chandigarh, Lucknow and Ludhiana, you can visit for more details.

Five modern amenities in housing, you can look for:

  1. Parking: This is possibly a very important point of consideration for people who have lived in highly populated areas of metros. While some localities have official parking zones offered by municipal bodies, on most roads in major cities people leave their cars parked on the street at night. This is often unsafe. Even if you have space for your car within your building, you may not have sufficient space for temporary parking for guests. Modern housing projects take care of this concern. Some projects may even have space on sale for a second car. You, of course are going to have a dedicated space for first car with your flat. This is either bundled with flat price or is charged as a separate cost.
  1. Greenery and open space: Smaller projects try to cram the promised features in relatively smaller areas. When you see an ad, do visit the site to check. If your residential towers are so closely situated that it leaves just green islands in between, there’s not much to be excited about. In the morning, evening, weekends and holidays, during festivals – the open space is crucial part of your daily life. Jog, walk, or even just sit and relax – a park just down the stairs is important. What’s the point if you have to go out of your housing complex to locate one?
  1. Clubhouse: It’s but obvious that if you are shifting to a new complex, it’s natural that it’s away from the congested part of the city. You need a gym, a swimming pool, a place to sit and chat, a library and an audio-visual facility as an add-on and obviously a restaurant. Don’t forget a community hall which you will require to host your personal functions and get-togethers. A clubhouse comes with several features, do check out what all are on offer. While food-on-order is now a norm, a reasonably good and functional restaurant in your complex is a must.
  1. Security & safety: This is one of the most important features of modern housing. What all has been done to keep you secured is important. It’s not merely posted guards. You need to check if CCTV, intercom facility and other technology-driven features are being provided. Safety – in case of fire or other urgencies, what provisions are available – is important, so do check this.
  1. Store: Does your housing site also has stores that offer medicine and things of daily use. You may be used to buying grocery every morning or you may be ordering online. However, there are certain moments when you don’t have time and the urge is to just buy to meet the urgency. Is there a provision for such shops at the site? Do observe.

There are many other points that you may look for, I have mentioned five. For some of the amenities, residents themselves become responsible as projects attain completion. There can be associations and agencies assigned for maintenance. While this is a later stage, it’s a good idea to initially examine the scope of possible amenities, before you take a decision.

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