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June 23, 2017
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Smart homes in India

All about smart homes

Smart homes in India have taken a revolutionary step towards providing comfortable, convenient & secure homes.

Powered by computing devices and information technology that connect various gadgets and instruments in the house, smart homes have now become the latest trend in the property market.
Smart home India

The Need for Smart Homes

Being the cutting edge of a technology-ridden home, A smart home doesn’t only make your home smart but serves as a convenient way of living.

With a smart home, beside automating and controlling it with a remote, you also save money and contribute to energy consumption.

It also makes you flexible and comfortable with your technological assets. In today’s era, smartening homes in some way or the other should be something that you must look for, in order to contribute to the environment and towards consumption of energy resources.

Prevalence of Smart Homes

What used to be a luxury afforded by the super rich, has now become affordable and is easily available to most of the average householders.

Builders in urban India are now focusing on providing smart homes as an end product to the buyers. This has increased the need for Smart homes amongst the prospective buyer.

This has further lead to a steady and visible growth in the market. Every year, the uptake of smart homes in India is increasing by between 15-18 per cent in tier 1 cities and by between 5-10 per cent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Features of smart homes

Primarily marketed as homes with advanced security systems and smart locking systems; smart homes too have evolved due to the evolution of technology. It now consists of many more advanced features. Few of the many popular features of Indian Smart homes are:

  • Surveillance: A smart home has a 24/7 surveillance facility. It has features like video door monitoring & CCTV Security outside the houses, which saves your property from outsiders and trespassers.This facility enables you to keep a track of who is entering your home.


  • Smart Safety: Smart homes have smart safety advantage. It monitors gas leakage detection, fire detection, and control, and saves you from life taking hazards. Smart safety makes your home your safe haven in a true sense.


  • Motion Detection for Security: With motion detection security, you won’t have to worry about robbery or safety. This security involves intrusion sensors, curtain sensors, etc. and warns you about any kind of unusual activity in your home. Through the use of electronic sensors connected to the security, you would be informed if anyone tries to force open your doors or windows.


  • Lighting control: Smart homes provide you with comfortable living and lifestyle with features like lighting control. With this feature, you can control the lights with remote on/off or presence detection. It also allows you to choose the time of light activation according to the sunset time of your city. This saves you the energy of manually lighting up the rooms when it starts to get dark.


  • Electrical: Smart Homes have smart electrical features such as smart air conditioning, smart refrigerators, and centrally regulated air conditioner to give you a comfortable and sustainable living. The power supply of all these appliances can be smartly controlled from any corner of the house. This makes up to be a very convenient feature to determine where energy can be saved.


  • Entertainment: Smart home entertainment devices build a connected viewing and listening experience. These devices also include gaming consoles to keep you off boredom when at home.


  • Communication: Features like GPS navigation connected to entry and exit, and proximity door unlocking give you a unique experience of living.


  • Phone Set-up: A home-based system enables you to initiate with a mobile-phone when the house is empty. The system provides you the ability to enter the name and model number of the phone so it can be verified for use. You will further be able to communicate with the system when approaching home to switch the television or the oven on and any other electrical appliances the house.

The most favored feature of a smart home is the digital security system. Due to the present lifestyle of urban India, more and more homes stand empty for a large portion of the day. This is the primary reason why buyers are most interested in a fully automated home. More than the comfort, it is the security that pushes one to opt for a smart home in India.

home automation process

Though smart homes still have a long way to go in the real estate business; the barriers to large-scale acceptance of smart homes are rapidly demolishing. Smart homes are now seen as a luxurious necessity that is available at an affordable price.

Many people are turning towards Smart Homes in metropolitan cities for a comfortable living. Builders in these cities are making smart homes more feature-friendly to attract more buyers.

If you are looking for a property with comfortable, secure and convenient amenities, then remember to keep Omaxe as your top priority.

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