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Top 10 Cities in India for Real Estate Investment in 2024

Every Indian home family will obviously choose to invest in real estate. The growth of the professional workplace and need for office space in metropolitan and semi-metropolitan facilities, and other factors all contribute to the sector’s expansion. Everyone wants to make wise property investments, and there is no better market than India’s booming, rapidly expanding real estate sector.

Even while the entire nation is expanding, there are top cities for real estate investment in India that stand out as the best performers.

Why Real Estate Investment is Attractive in India

A wise investment can alter your life. It has the power to change not just your life but also the lives of your children. Compared to other assets like stock markets and cryptocurrencies, real estate is a relatively safer investment choice. In most Indian cities, real estate returns are higher than inflation. As a result, it provides you with long-term actual profits. 

You can reduce your tax liability when you invest in real estate. Real estate investing has a number of tax advantages.

Here are the top 10 cities in India for real estate investment:

1. Delhi: India’s Capital City

The capital of the country, Delhi, is a popular location for real estate investments because of its big population and growing economy. The potential has led a number of well-known companies to establish headquarters in India’s capital.

Delhi NCR is on track to surpass Mumbai as India’s most developed city. It offers both MNCs and their citizens promising amenities. There has been an increase in real estate investments in the area as a result of a greater understanding of the expanding demands for real estate holdings.

In India’s capital, a lot of well-known businesses are opening offices. The demand for property investment in Delhi NCR has increased as a result. Delhi NCR, where real estate values are anticipated to rise steadily over the coming years. This is most likely a result of the constant work being done to build cutting-edge infrastructure in the area.

2. Mumbai: India’s Financial Capital

Mumbai, the financial capital of India,  is one of the top cities for real estate investment in India that has always been a popular destination for real estate investment. In 2024, a rise in demand for residential real estate is anticipated in the city. Mumbai is a magnet for investors from all over the world and offers an abundance of chances with extremely high yields.

Mumbai boasts a first-rate transportation network, comprising roads, ports, railroads, and airports. This makes it simple for people to commute between different regions of the city and for products and services to be transported. Mumbai’s superior infrastructure also makes it a desirable location for enterprises, which in turn boosts employment and raises housing demand.

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3. Faridabad: Industrial Hub

As a major real estate market for both investors and consumers, Faridabad is rapidly expanding. Faridabad has experienced fast growth, with a number of well-liked residential and commercial real estate developments under construction. Faridabad is about to undergo a maze of infrastructure development that is sure to strengthen its position as a top real estate market in the nation. By promoting eco-friendly mobility, creating open green spaces, and reducing traffic jams, smarter ways of living are being introduced in an effort to make Faridabad a cleaner and greener city.

The area’s connectivity would be strengthened by the projected metro connection between Faridabad and Gurgaon, making it very simple and practical to move from one location to another.

4. Lucknow: ‘City of Nawabs’

One of the most well-liked and affordable investment options in Lucknow is real estate. It is consequently connected to five major highways.  It might be a valuable asset to leave to future generations or a lucrative source of income.

With skyscraping construction, institutional expansion, and a contemporary viewpoint, the city is becoming a hub for modern living. The city has a lengthy history of having varied etiquettes and a distinctive intellectual culture. Many changes have lately been made to this ancient city. It adopted the existing start-up environment and became the core of major IT firms and sectors which provide the best property to invest in Lucknow.

5. Noida: Satellite City of Delhi is Attracting Investor

The planned infrastructure and affordability of Noida have been the main real estate incentive factors. Noida is a metropolis that has been meticulously designed for both industrial and residential growth. Due to a variety of important factors, such as the abundance of attractive employment and first-rate infrastructure, Noida is one of India’s fastest-growing districts.

Due to Delhi’s skyrocketing real estate costs, nearby cities like Noida and Gurgaon are expanding and developing. because significant corporations relocate to surrounding cities where real estate costs are lower and the infrastructure is better.

By making these urban neighbourhoods more accessible to Delhi through large avenues, highways, and the Delhi Metro, the government is also empowering something akin.

6. Bangalore: Investments in the Silicon Valley of India

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, has become a centre for tech firms. The burgeoning IT industry in the area has increased demand for residential real estate. Bengaluru’s strong infrastructure is one of the key elements that make it a desirable location for real estate investment. People may easily commute between locations because of the city’s well-developed network of roads, metro rail, and other public transportation amenities.

Due to its strong economy, high rental yields, expanding housing demand, low prices, superior connections, and high quality of life, the city has become top city for real estate investment in India.

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7. Gurugram: ‘Millennium City’ of India

Gurgaon, the Millennium City, is located 35 kilometres from Delhi. It is a part of the National Capital Region (NCR) and is located in the Gurgaon neighbourhood of the Indian province of Haryana. Gurgaon is home to a number of impressive structures with varied architectural styles and historical periods. In Gurgaon, there are over a thousand privately owned high buildings.

8. Chandigarh: ‘Beautiful City’

Chandigarh is the Joint Capital of Haryana and Punjab, and it is both a district and a Union Territory.  Chandigarh has earned the reputation of being a land of opportunity as a result of the significant IT industry that has grown in the city. The Chandigarh real estate market has drawn a lot of buyers to the city who want to settle down because of easy access to transportation, stunning architecture, and developing IT companies.

For many years, Chandigarh has been the top choice for investors bidding to make significant financial commitments to residential and commercial projects. However, investors are seeking a chance for property to invest in Chandigarh due to a number of obvious considerations like a lack of available land and population growth, among others.

9. Ahmedabad: Real Estate Markets in Western India

Ahmedabad is a booming metropolitan city in Gujarat, India, on the banks of the historic river Sabarmati. It is India’s fifth-largest city and the seventh-largest metropolitan area.

Ahmedabad has outstanding infrastructure, including well-organised water supply systems that date back to the 19th century and a reliable power supply. As one of the few towns with a privatised power supply. People from adjacent cities like to relocate to Ahmedabad as it has many career and business opportunities.

10. Pune: Key Developments and Growth Drivers for Real Estate Investments in Pune

Pune, the cultural centre of Maharashtra, is the top city for real estate investment in India that has been quickly rising in popularity as a place to invest in real estate. With one of the most consistent rental markets in the nation and a significant demand for rental homes, Pune. Over the years, the city has drawn many young professionals, business owners, and students, which has increased demand for residential homes.

Pune provides exceptional infrastructure in terms of well-rounded education, a thriving IT industry, a well-developed transportation system, and open job positions. Without a doubt, the city provides its residents with all of the basic and modern comforts they could possibly need, including schools, shopping malls, clubs, hospitals, colleges, playgrounds, universities, emergency clinics, etc.


Indian real estate will keep growing. People view real estate as a secure investment in difficult times, which contributes to the boom with the help of top real estate developers in India. Cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai provide good chances for investors seeking long-term gains due to the country’s growing urbanisation, rising salaries, and supporting government policies.

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