What are the Legal Documents Required to Buy a Home in India?

If you are meticulous with the legal documents required to buy a home and have a clear legal understanding of the process, buying a home can be an easy procedure. You must exercise caution at every stage of this process until it is completed.

10 Legal Documents Required to Buy a Property by First-Time Home Buyers:

One of the most important legal papers is a Sale Deed. It is evidence that the property has been sold and ownership has been transferred from the seller to the purchaser. This is the fundamental legal document that establishes you as the owner of the property you are purchasing.

The Sale Deed

The mother deed is the primary document used to establish legal ownership of real estate property. It is the most significant document when starting a real estate purchase. The earliest on-paper records of a property are examined to trace its ownership history.

The Mother Deed

A completion certificate is a Legal document required to Buy a Home that certifies that a real estate project was completed according to a pre-approved construction plan.

The Completion Certificate