Types of retail spaces available for sale in Delhi

Here are some popular types of retail spaces available for sale in Delhi:

Delhi’s high streets, where a row of stores along a main thoroughfare, are well-liked locations for shopping. These stores are appropriate for companies that profit from strong exposure and foot traffic since they frequently have doors that directly face the street.  Delhi’s high streets, including Connaught Place, Karol Bagh, and Chandni Chowk, provide a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities.

Retailers on high streets

In Delhi, commercial complexes are multifunctional structures that contain a variety of businesses, including offices, shops, and occasionally even residences. In order to ensure maintenance, security, and other facilities, these complexes frequently include a centralised administration system.

 Complexes for commerce

In Delhi, projects with a mix of residential, business, and retail uses are starting to appear. These developments frequently have retail establishments on the first floor and apartments or offices above.  The captive audience of residents or office workers benefits retail areas in mixed-use developments, creating a built-in clientele.

Retail Areas in Multi-Use Projects

Delhi boasts numerous modern shopping malls that are a hub of activity. These malls provide a well-curated mix of national and international brands, ensuring a diverse customer base.  Purchasing a retail space in a mall offers the advantage of shared amenities, ample parking, and a steady flow of potential customers.

Shopping Malls