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Apna Karobar Badhayein with Omaxe

It’s not uncommon for traders to feel stuck at times. Sales would be falling, it would be difficult to find buyers and you would feel like you have fallen into a pit. If this is what is happening to you then all that you need is an efficient partner who would take you out of the rut and fast-track you to the heights of business glory. So why feel bamboozled by the downturn of events? Apna karobar badhayein with Omaxe.


#ApnaKarobarBadhayein with Omaxe But How?

We would help you grow your business manifold. But how is the obvious question that must be coming to your mind? Let me explain how. Tying up with Omaxe is going to turn your business around by winning you a dedicated customer base.

You would agree that the first step towards starting a business is choosing a strategic location for your store. A location that can be easily accessed by potential customers and one that would have ample space to accommodate a large number of shoppers. Moreover, the location should have adequate parking and should be closer to other businesses like restaurants, banks, etc.

Sensing this predicament of the business community Omaxe envisioned a thriving marketplace that would also double up as a hangout zone. A place that would prove to be a perfect meeting place for sellers and buyers. A place that would experience maximum footfalls and would give the sellers an opportunity to expand and enhance their customer base.

Grow Your Business Manifold With Omaxe Chowk!

Thus came into existence Omaxe Chowk in Chandani Chowk. Bustling marketplace, it is a perfect destination for retail shops that offer perfect opportunities for business growth. Some of the compelling USPs of the ‘Chowk’ that endear it to enterprises are:

  • Located in the heart of Asia’s oldest, largest and busiest shopping destination
  • Spread Across 4.5 acres With a total built-up area of more than 10 lakh Sq. Ft
  • A daily footfall of approx. 4 – 6 Lakh including tourists.
  • 7X more footfall per sq. ft. than any other mall in Delhi-NCR.
  • Expected turnover of Z50 Lakh Crore by 2020 as per Walmart Report.
  • Approximately 50,000 existing business units
  • Direct entry from Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • 40 lakh serious shoppers every month.
  • Multi-level parking for 2100+ cars & 81 tourist buses.

The sheer charm and popularity of Chandni Chowk attract the attention of tourists and locals alike who visit the place in droves giving the businesses within the ‘Chowk’ to flourish like never before. No wonder then that even the smallest of stores have made it big owing to a revolutionary innovation by Omaxe that see millions of enthusiastic shoppers visit the place every day.

Smash It With World Street If You Are From Faridabad

World Street is another innovative marvel from Omaxe that gives the shoppers from Faridabad a wonderful platform where they can be visible to a wide influx of visitors/ shoppers that would enhance their sales resulting in an enhanced profit margin. Let’s take a quick look at what makes World Street a favourite of shoppers.

  • Part of 430 acres Central Business District, Faridabad
  • Frequented by urban rich gentry
  • Well-connected with several transport facilities
  • Impressive & eye-catching layout
  • Surrounded by institutes & colleges
  • Well secured, police station just about 15 mins Away
  • Competitively priced

This is not all. When it comes to promoting and fostering the interest of the business community Omaxe has covered a large part of the country. Glance at some of the completed projects throughout the country which are proving to be a great hit amongst the businesses as it has taken their profit through the roof.

  • AMRITSAR– Omaxe Value Mall, Omaxe Novelty Mall
  • AGRA– Omaxe SRK Mall
  • BAHADURAGARH– Omaxe Galleria, Omaxe City Gate
  • DELHI– Pearls Omaxe, Omaxe Square
  • FARIDABAD– World Street, Faridabad
  • GURGAON– Omaxe Celebrations Mall, Omaxe City Center, Omaxe Gurgaon Mall,
  • GREATER NOIDA– India Trade Center, Omaxe Palm Court, NRI City Center, Omaxe Arcade, Omaxe Connaught Place
  • GHAZIABAD– Omaxe Plaza Indirapuram
  • JAIPUR – Omaxe City Street Market, Shubhangan Street Market, Omaxe Central Market RC-7
  • LUCKNOW – Omaxe Avenue, Omaxe Hazratganj
  • LUDHIANA – Omaxe Plaza, Omaxe Royal Arcade, Ludhiana
  • PATIALA – Omaxe Mall
  • SONEPAT – Omaxe City- Omaxe Plaza

Signing Off

Changing social scenario has opened up the customer base. Economic growth is driving up disposable incomes and there is every possibility and opportunity of creating a new customer base. The rise of the middle class has led to a greater demand for quality products and services. The growing urban populace has also created new growth opportunities as India’s young population is an increasingly important consumer demographic.

An efficient business partner like Omaxe would help you tap into the possibilities and help you in enhancing and growing your business. So, what are you thinking of?

#ApnaKarobarBadhayein with Omaxe. Grab the opportunity and grow your business.

This is one opportunity you would not like to miss.