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Faridabad – The City to Settle in NCR

Faridabad- The City to Settle in NCR

With the increase in population and opportunities in the heart of the capital city, the focus of settlement has now been shifted to the expanded regions of NCR. Faridabad has become one such hub which caters to the demands of the population shifting to Delhi in search of a better lifestyle. If you are looking for a lavish lifestyle with a safe and secure township in Faridabad, you shall consider these newly developed properties in the city.

Royal Residency- A Dwelling Apart

A city is that which ensures a sustainable and enjoyable livability index, where facilities for a living are located close and where humanity is able to live close to nature. Omaxe’s Royal Residency (RR) envisages such a vision. Located in Sector- 79 Faridabad, RR is located at a juncture wherefrom essential utilities and institutions like malls, markets, hospitals, recreation zones, airport and railway stations are located in a manner that the occupant feels secure and stable. Most of the aforementioned locations are within a 30-40 minute drive further ensuring a holistic habitation experience.

Royal Residency has strived hard to ensure that the following features are incorporated to further the livability appeal:

  • 100% power backup to ensure energy sufficiency
  • Ample parking space to ensure that residents can find a place to park their vehicle in peace.
  • Open gym for kids along with a swimming pool and open Jacuzzi to ensure that residents don’t ignore their exercise regime.
  • Hospitals, hotels, and schools within walking distance to ensure that productivity and performance of residents are not encumbered.
  • 3 BHK apartment with adequate space given to drawing, dining, and bedrooms to give the resident a feeling of open spaces.
  • Modern kitchens to allow residents to give full shape to their culinary aspirations
    Shutter doors and windows to allow easy access within the apartment as well as to natural sunlight and rain when necessary.
  • 24 hour manned security to ensure that the residential complexes are free from cases of theft.
  • Drive to Noida, South Delhi, Gurgaon and IGI Aiport within a 30-minute window ensures quick and efficient commuting from home to work and vice versa.
  • Medical Institutions like Mata Amritanandamayi Hospital and Fortis Escort & Metro Hospital are located within a stone’s throw from RR.Though in its growing stages, RR promises to incorporate world-class standards while designing habitation zones. With India steadily moving towards framing its own ‘Livability Index’, RR occupants stand to gain tremendously as they would be residing in a dwelling that’s comparable with some of the world’s best apartment complexes that apart from offering a futuristic dwelling space doesn’t ignore the utilitarian and aesthetic tastes of its occupants.

The Forest Spa- Living in the Lap of Nature

With Faridabad selected as a ‘Smart City’, progress and development have certainly become synonymous with the growth of this city. A ‘Smart City’ more than anything must ensure that habitation zones for people comes up fast and is sustainable in the long run. In this regard, Omaxe, the real estate conglomerate has come forward and ensured its contribution towards the fulfillment of the same. Omaxe’s The Forest Spa promises a habitation that’s far from the fast-paced city life yet is located near to one’s workplace to allow easy commuting.  Spread over an area of 5000 acres of the green area close to the Surajkund Tourist Complex, The Forest Spa boasts of not just syncing humanity with nature but offers top-notch facilities that make living an enjoyable experience. It consists of a slew of features that truly make it a worthwhile destination some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Earthquake resistant RCC frame structure ensures that the structural stability of the building isn’t compromised in the event of a major tremor or earthquake
  2. Extensive CCTV coverage ensures round the clock secure premises as well as negates possibilities of theft
  3. International Spa Club facilities ensure that fitness and exercise of occupants aren’t neglected. These also include provisions to have business meetings if necessary.
  4. An exquisite master bedroom, adequate servant’s room, Italian marble inspired kitchen, wooden doors and windows with a large balcony are made as per world class standards and give the occupant bang for the buck.
  5. Energy efficient lighting systems, rainwater harvesting systems, and WiMax facilities
    ensure that energy consumption and distribution is sustainable in the long run.
  6. Vastu friendly architecture ensures that illness and bad luck won’t exist in this modern day dwelling

Occupants who’ve already taken possession of some of the apartments of The Forest Spa feel blessed. Ms. Reena Arora, resident, 302, Oak Tower comments, “I used to feel claustrophobic in Delhi. Switching over to The Forest Spa was a good decision. Apart from the clean air, The Forest Spa ensures that Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon are located within a 30-40 minute drive.” Dr. RK Sharma, 802, Tulip Tower comments, “All facilities that one needs for modern day living are close-by. It’s truly a world city.”

For Omaxe, the journey to provide sustainable and livable spaces to many prospective buyers is a long and arduous one but it’s a journey that it has trod upon with courage and determination.