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Explore the Excitement of Omaxe Connaught Place – OCP: A Mall with a Thrilling Theme Park!

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City life includes a frequent visit to malls. If we are living in a city, there is certainly at least one mall somewhere close to us. Whether it’s a metro or a growing city or even a town, a mall is a new version of our erstwhile market. More than simply buying, there’s more to malls. “Experience” is what people talk about.

In cities, we used to visit the morning or evening markets and do our shopping. With a robust focus on housing and building of commercial spaces, the concept of mall took shape in India. With online market places in demand, malls found a new competitor. It’s not uncommon to come across industry statistics suggesting closure of malls in major cities as inadequate demand forced closures.

With such a concern, do malls have takers? Yes, they do. Much depends on the location, demand and tastes of the buyer in the immediate vicinity. Also, on what’s on sale and reputation. For a city like Delhi, there are various options to go out. In extreme weathers, people prefer options where they can do their buying as well as avail some entertainment.

This is evenings and weekends mostly. Delhi is now a much larger region. This includes Noida and Greater Noida. If you are in this part of the capital region, plan a visit to Omaxe Connaught Place or OCP, as it’s popularly called. Take a virtual tour at OCP Greater Noida.

This part of the capital region is now gaining footfall. Away from thickly-packed malls, OCP is relatively a younger entrant. However, it’s spacious. Eat, shop and get entertained. An interesting feature of OCP is its indoor theme park Oh!Max 

At Omaxe Connaught Place, you can spend a day. Leading brands have their stores here. During your shopping you have options for entertainment. Visitors who stopover, come from as far as Agra. These visits are with Oh!Max as the focus. Visitors from adjoining localities and Delhi too visit theme parks but they also have more of shopping in mind.

If you are in Delhi, Noida or Greater Noida, you have several options to spend a day out. What makes your day is how much you accomplish in your day spending time out. You can certainly go out shopping in the traditional markets or bazaars of Delhi and also visit the numerous shopping complexes. 

However, if you are one of those who are careful about parking your car safely, spend a day out with family and friends, shop at your own pace as well as enjoy, then come over to Omaxe Connaught Place (OCP).