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Omaxe Hi Street on Outer Ring Road in Lucknow Scores Big On Connectivity & Return on Investment

The easing of restrictions, pace of vaccination, and return of workforce to business have sparked a new interest in India’s Commercial Real Estate segment with promising growth projected in the second half of 2021. This segment is also witnessing product innovation and that will help keep the market on the uptick and the interest of investors intact. Industry trends suggest that the yields in this segment as compared to residential continues to be high, in the range of 6-7% p.a., and remains a stable source of income for investors.

However, before investing in commercial real estate, every investor must identify the key areas that can help them to generate good returns and ensure capital appreciation and preservation. Developer’s reputation, good location of the project, supply in the vicinity, and future potential are important factors to consider before investing in commercial property.

Omaxe, a BSE & NSE listed company, has stood the test of time in India’s real estate landscape based on its ability to create unique & innovative projects, sell them, generate ROI, and more importantly deliver projects and on promises. The company has been consistent on these fronts. Its tryst with Lucknow began way back in 2005 and over the last 16 years, the company has delivered thousands of homes and commercial spaces and in the process earned the trust of the people and built a brand equity that remains unmatched. The company has its presence in 27 cities of the Country.

The company’s latest offering in Lucknow, Omaxe Hi Street is one such project that is showing the way in product innovation. It is being developed as the new Commercial Business District (CBD) of Lucknow on the upcoming Outer Ring Road where retail areas are being developed in all sizes keeping in mind the requirement of small shops as well as large anchors, food street, and specialty restaurants. The project will also have independent commercial plots and built-ups. It also has hotel suites and co-living spaces which are gaining traction from users and investors. The project will have option for the customer to keep the hotel suite for self-use or go for the leaseback model. With proximity to PGI and a large number of institutions, there is a huge demand for service apartments for students, doctors, visiting patients, and their relatives. In the future, a large entertainment zone including Megaplex and gaming facilities are also proposed.

Omaxe Hi Street scores big on connectivity, investment, and returns. It is a part of the approx. 690 acres (proposed) hi-tech township Omaxe Metro City on Raebareli Road through which Lucknow’s most ambitious Outer Ring Road passes. The hi-tech township offers a variety of residential options for all income groups with superb infrastructure and rejuvenation centres like wide roads, parks and gardens, fountain, club, etc.

Let’s examine why Omaxe Hi Street, a RERA registered project, is a sure shot winner for investors from the word go:

Product Innovation: Omaxe Hi Street offers the experience to stay in a hotel along with all its services. Customers can opt for leaseback model wherein he/she can get lease rental from the hotel operator. In the lease back model, customers are allowed to stay in the hotel for free for a certain number of days. At Omaxe Hi Street, customers can not only earn handsome returns but also stay in the comfort and luxury of a hotel.

Location: Raebareli Road is one of the most sought-after destinations along the National Highway in Lucknow from the habitation and commercial activities point of view. The soon-to-be-operational Outer Ring Road (ORR) passes through Omaxe Metro City and crosses Raebareli Road and other national and state highways that connect Lucknow with several villages and religious cities like Prayagraj, Varanasi, Ayodhya; and adjoining cities like Raebareli, Kanpur, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Agra, Hardoi, Sitapur, etc. Easy access to Omaxe Hi Street makes it a high potential destination for commercial activities.

A footfall Paradise: An underpass on ORR opens near Omaxe Metro City and therefore it has the potential of becoming a commercial hub. Besides, a host of social infrastructure like schools, colleges, airport, and corporate offices in the vicinity make it a high footfall generating destination for not just indulgent professionals but also high-income families of Lucknow and nearby areas who visit the city for education, healthcare, and jobs.

Commitment Charges: In today’s time when returns from all investment tools, be it stocks, gold, FDs are fluctuating and low, Omaxe Hi Street stands tall on that front. A continuous flow of monthly income though investment in Omaxe Hi Street helps households in supplementing their existing source of income. With investment starting Rs 33.74 lakh, an investor can enjoy a monthly return of Rs 33,740/- per month (Less TDS) for five years (terms & conditions apply). After that, he is free to either stay in the hotel suites or opt for a leaseback model.

Capital Appreciation: The economy of Uttar Pradesh and India is set for a steep rise. With Lucknow as the epicenter of this growth, the area in and around ORR will evolve as a commercial hub and may skyrocket the price of Omaxe Hi Street. Lack of good quality supply of commercial properties in and around Omaxe Hi Street increases its potential to generate not just good returns but also ensure capital appreciation and preservation. It also has the chance of enhancingthe re-saleability factor thereby making it liquid (A liquid investment is one which can be easily converted into cash without any loss of value).

Futuristic Destination: Lucknow attracts a lot of migrants from adjoining cities especially Central and eastern Uttar Pradesh on account of education, healthcare, jobs, and marriage. The city is a multicultural hub with a good mix of job opportunities for all income groups in Government-run enterprises, manufacturing, real estate, small scale industry, and BFSI, IT/ITeS. The Outer Ring Road has evolved as a major connectivity infrastructure that scores high on the ease of living and working in Lucknow. It will enable people, goods, and services from far-off locations to come to this commercial project without entering the traffic of Lucknow.

A student visiting the city for education, a family coming to the city for healthcare or corporate houses sending their staff to Lucknow for meetings and conferences. Omaxe Hi Street offers a solution, comfort, and feeling of a home in a hotel suite with unmatched returns and appreciation.