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Purani Dilli By OMAXE

Purani Delhi, a city steeped in heritage, finds its epitome in Chandni Chowk. The name itself originates from the moonlight that used to reflect off the canal waters that once flowed here. This historical square, along with its Kuchas (alleyways) and Galis (lanes), has borne witness to generations of families, commerce, conflicts, customs, and traditions. However, a new era is on the horizon—an era that will intricately weave the precious beads of Chowk’s culture into a brilliant necklace. To herald this pivotal moment, we have crafted a video showcasing Purani Dilli by Omaxe, delving deep into the transformation that lies ahead.

Our aim was to demonstrate our passionate efforts to preserve this invaluable locale while giving it a modern touch. In order to effectively capture the rich culture and tradition of Asia’s largest wholesale market, we sought out an iconic voice. And what better choice than the resonant baritone voice of Vijay Raaz? The narration by this Indian actor and film director, who recently lent his voice to Amazon’s  IndiaKiApniDukaan ad, truly encapsulates the timeless essence of this cultural melting pot.

A stroll along the Kuchas and Galis of this place, brimming with historical gems, is akin to a walk down memory lane. These incredible remnants of our history have witnessed shayaris of Mirza Ghalib, the strolls of Shahjahan and much more. Our snapshots endeavor to capture the very essence of this unforgettable place.

For our opening shot, we chose to capture the majestic Red Fort. Constructed by Shahjahan, this colossal fort stands as the quintessence of Purani Delhi. Its red and white marbles have witnessed the passage of numerous generations, leaving behind a vivid tapestry of historical rulers. Today, it proudly serves as the venue for the unfurling of the Indian National Flag, symbolizing the nation’s independence. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this royal abode beautifully embodies Purani Dilli’s rich culture, and therefore deservedly takes center stage in the opening frames of our video.

We also included the alleyways of Khari Baoli, a historical market that has infused the hearts of visitors and buyers with its intoxicating fragrance of exotic spices since the 17th century. The Kuchas here are adorned with shops selling dry fruits and teas, perennial favorites among people from all corners of the globe. Therefore, this breathtaking destination holds a special place not only in the heart of Chandni Chowk but also in our video.

Katra Neel, renowned for its dyes that have been coloring the wardrobes of royalty since the Mughal era, now serves as a bustling marketplace for wedding shopping and special occasions. Retaining its old-world fervor, the markets in this area were a must-have inclusion in our montage.

Kucha Mahajani, where the sweet clinking of bangles has resonated for centuries, stands as one of the oldest gold trading hubs and wholesale jewelry markets in Asia. Its rich traditions of gold and precious stones have left an indelible mark on our video.

Dariba Kalan, meaning “unparalleled big pearl,” has been adorning women’s ankles for 300 years with its creations. Its famous ittars (perfumes) have infused sensuality and allure into the hearts of many. This place holds a special significance not only for connoisseurs of jewelry and perfumes but also for us.

However, the winds of modernity now knock on the doors of Chandni Chowk. A fresh breeze sweeps through its traditional alleyways and lanes because “Purani Dilli Me kuch Naya Sa Hone Wala Hai” (Something new is about to happen in Old Delhi). We are embarking on a comprehensive effort to preserve Dilli ka Dil (the heart of Delhi). Our video serves as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding this rich heritage. With Omaxe Chowk, we intend to provide Chandni Chowk and its jewels a new home.