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Studio Apartment: Everything you need to know!

Studio apartments have become quite popular in India, especially in cities like Lucknow, where people have issues like the space and people can’t afford large residential areas.

A studio apartment has a living space, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathing space in a very limited area.

Studio apartments work with the motive of space utilization and cost-saving. Hence, you will see the minimum quantity used in making. It has an open floor plan, but it depends on the locality, state, and location. 1RK is also known as a studio apartment.

Studio apartments are popular among youth who are living separately in different cities. As a buyer or a tenant people prefer to buy studio apartments that are living by themselves staying alone. Investing in studio apartments is so affordable and that is equivalent to your monthly rentals. Studio apartment investments fetch good returns in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Lucknow. 

Nowadays days people have a craze of buying studio apartments in II-tier cities because they are emerging and growing at a high pace

People usually think studio apartments and 1BHK are the same. No, but they are different.1BHK flat you will get a room, a kitchen, hall and a bathroom and each of these are separate. In a studio flat, the apartment is a single large room, and, in the space, you’ll get everything allocated a kitchen, bath space, bed space, and living space.

Although studio apartments have less space still offers a lot more benefits to tenant and owners.

  • Studio apartments are the best space-efficient and thus the best option for a single person.
  • Studio flats have lower electricity consumption 
  • Studio apartments are affordable in comparison to other properties.
  • Studio apartments are generally available in central locations, which have good connectivity.
  • The studio flat has low maintenance.

While choosing one studio apartment, things to remember

  • Budget: 
    The price of residential property goes up and down it depends on the market and the location, the type of flat, and the several amenities provided by the builder. It is better to fix a budget, before choosing or investing in a studio apartment.
  • Breathable space: Studio apartment property have a single room but makes sure the place is liveable or not and you are at your best comfort.
  • Infrastructure: Make sure you get the facilities like convenience stores, shops, supermarkets and restaurants, a gym, park nearby your place. If you are a student/ working professional make sure you check your educational institution, workplace, and other infrastructure near your place and accessible from your locality.

  • Amenities: Before selecting a studio apartment, make sure you check other options too. Fully furnished studio apartments are more spacious and luxurious and specially fitted with appliances, fixtures, and furniture. And if you get a balcony with a studio apartment then you’re sorted with your evening plans, and you can have a natural source of sunlight.
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