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Can a residential apartment be used as a commercial one?

India is at a booming stage when the whole world is facing recession issues. When it comes to investing in real estate, India has become the perfect new destination for investors. Many people are now looking forward to investing in properties, and mostly all brands are offering luxury at the best prices.

But at times, people look to invest in residential properties and also like to use them as commercial ones. Today, through the blog, let us see what can be the major difference between residential and commercial properties. Is it legal to use residential as a commercial in India? 

What is a residential apartment?

Residential apartments are those that have been declared as such by the Real Estate Regulation Authority or another appropriate entity. Often, residential land is designated with this use in mind.

One or more family homes, lodging or boarding houses, hostels, dormitories, apartment houses, flats, and private garages that offer sleeping accommodations for typical residential usage, with or without kitchen or dining facilities, are all considered residential apartments.

Choosing the best apartment is challenging when there are so many different kinds available. To assist you in meeting your needs and expectations, we have put together a thorough handbook.

Several Residential Apartment Styles to Assist Home Buyers

Little Apartment

A studio apartment, also known as a studio flat, is an apartment with a single room and an open plan. Studio apartment variations include alcove studios and convertible studios.

One-bedroom apartments are preferred if you’re moving in with someone, while studio apartments are best for single homebuyers. Both studio and one-bedroom apartments include enough space, furnishings, and storage for two people. Nevertheless, how you live affects that.

2, 3, 4 BHK Apartment

There are numerous choices for 2, 3, and 4 BHK flats. Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen are referred to as BHK. These flats’ layouts give each family member their own room as well as many alternatives for entertaining, working, and relaxing. Also, there is adequate room for built-in comforts and full-sized appliances, as well as storage space.

Duplex Apartments

A duplex is a home with two stories of living space. The top real estate developers in India have seen a rise in the popularity of duplex homes. The rooms in a duplex are the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. The two floors of a duplex home are joined by a staircase.

As a result, it is only owned by one person and sold as a unit. For larger families, a duplex apartment is a terrific choice because it provides everyone with the privacy they require and extra parking.

Row homes

Row homes are a collection of residences with comparable floor plans. They typically share a wall and are adjacent to one another. The fundamental distinction between a row house and a villa is this: There is no common wall between villas.

Also, the row houses share a similar design pattern, architectural style, and look. The idea of row homes is starting to take off in the Indian real estate market.

What is a commercial apartment?

A commercial flat is a piece of top real estate developers in India that is used for business purposes. The term “commercial property” often refers to buildings that house businesses, but it can also apply to large rental residences and land that is used to generate income.

Long seen as a wise investment, in commercial real estate. The building’s initial investment costs are higher than those associated with residential real estate, as are those associated with tenant customization. The use of this property is commercial in nature. The owner is free to use the space himself for commercial purposes or to rent out all or a portion of it to tenants.

Is it Legal to Use Residential Property for Commercial Purposes?

If you have the right authorization, it is possible to use a residential property for business purposes. Many people now choose to use their home property for commercial purposes. You can efficiently work from home and generate money by using your residential property for business purposes, which is a time- and money-saving choice.

While some commercial operations can be conducted on residential property, others, such as the transit of products from home premises, are not, and you may wish to consider acquiring special authorization for carrying out such activities. For all reasons, including taxation, a property that has been designated as commercial is handled as such.

A zoning law is a regulation that directs the transformation of residential property into commercial property. It is a legal requirement that land is divided into zones, within which particular land uses are both prohibited and permitted. The law tries to safeguard against the detrimental effects of business operations.


Apartments that have been classified for residential use and have been designated as such by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority or another authorized organization are known as residential apartments.

Look for the best and top real estate developers in India to buy a property for you. A commercial property is one that is used by businesses, while it can also include rental houses for people to live in and undeveloped land. It is acceptable to operate a business out of a residence, which might save time and money.

Yet, some actions, such as the transportation of goods away from home premises, call for special permission. A property that has been designated as commercial is treated as such for all purposes, including taxation.

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