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Apartment vs. Independent House: Which Offers the Best Lifestyle?

Choosing a great house is a significant investment for anybody who is considering buying a house. If you are considering buying a house then you should know that a house is a big investment along with that it is also a lifestyle statement. A house becomes a way to express your lifestyle. There are two popular options to consider when you think of the best property to invest in India, the choices you get are buying an apartment or buying an independent house and which will offer the best lifestyle for your needs. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both and which will be better for you. 

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What is an Apartment?

Let’s discuss first, what is an apartment? An apartment is a unit that is inside a big building or a building complex. This unit provides all the important amenities like the kitchen, bedroom, and living room along with bathrooms. These apartments are in different sizes and also different layouts in terms of apartment designs. These can cater to different sizes of families and their needs. 

Apartments do provide a great level of efficiency and convenience, especially if you live in urban cities. The apartments can maximize the space and provide the best design layout in that size available. Also, the apartments have amenities that are shared with the other people who are living in your building or complex like elevators, stairs, recreational centers or swimming pools, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Living in Apartments

Pros of Living in apartments

Let’s start with the advantages of living in an apartment and living the lifestyle from the apartment’s point of view. 

  • The convenience of an apartment is a big factor in living in an apartment. Most of the apartments are often located in areas that are residential or urban-centric, providing full access to basic amenities like public transportation, groceries, and shopping along with restaurants, etc. 
  • Also, apartments are easy on the maintenance side. As the major maintenance of the bigger areas like buildings or surroundings is done by either the building management or landlord.
  • You get a sense of community by living in the apartment. By having the neighbors living next to your apartment you can really build a community of people around you. 
  • Apartments do have shared spaces and amenities like the swimming pool, and communal spaces. These amenities can help increase socialization and provide an active and fit lifestyle. 

Cons of Living in apartments 

When you are doing a major property investment you should know all the pros and cons of that property. The apartments do have some cons that you should know about: 

  • The first con of living in an apartment is the decreased level or lack thereof of privacy. This can lead to decreased levels of personal space. 
  • While the walls are shared between different flats, the different noises from your neighbors can be heard on your side as well. This can cause frustration. 
  • There is a limit to the amount of personalization you can do in these apartments. The regulations for personalization can be fixed by the society or the building authority etc.

These are the pros and cons of living in an apartment. Let’s look at the independent house and its pros and cons. But first, you should know what is an independent house. 

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What is an independent house?

If you are searching to invest in the best independent house you should know these facts. So, an independent house or a house is a structure or a house that’s built on its area or property particularly the plot of land, and that has its own boundary walls. The person who owns that house also owns that plot of land on which that property is built. 

The independent house is generally in independent compounds. Along with owning the house and property, the person who owns that property is also tied with maintenance and fixtures related to that property and the amenities related to it. The person not only owns that house but also the land as well. 

Pros and cons of independent house living?

When you think about owning an independent house, you must know both the good and the bad related to owning that independent house and property. You should know all the positives and negatives of that if you think about buying that property. 

So, here are all the pros and cons of investing in an independent house: 

Pros of independent house living 

First, we will start with the pros of living in an independent house: 

  •  One of the biggest advantages of independent houses is the total privacy you get when you live in a house that is separate and built on your individual land. 
  • With zero walls that are shared with your neighbors, you have full control over your area. 
  • There is also no limit to the customization you can do to the individual house within the area of your property. If you want to fully rebuild this house you have the option to do it. 
  • Independent houses do also have areas like a garden or outdoor space that can be used for relaxation, etc. 

These are some of the pros of living in an independent house. Before investing in an independent house you should know all the cons also. 

Cons of independent house living 

These are some of the cons if you want to do property investment and thinking of an independent house: 

  • The cost of living and the maintenance cost both increase when you go for an independent house as everything is under your management. 
  • The cost of ownership is way higher for an independent house than owning an apartment. 
  • You are fully responsible for maintaining the house and the property. 
  • Also, these independent houses may be situated in less centralized areas or outside suburban areas. This can lead to harder access to amenities and more time spent in commutes. 

Apartment Vs Independent House

If you want to search for the best property to invest in India an apartment vs independent house, then you have to decide that. Still, the Apartments provide a more urban lifestyle and better access to amenities, and lower maintenance costs. Meanwhile, an independent house provides more privacy and more customization. Although it comes at the cost of living away from urban cities and higher maintenance costs along with difficulty in accessing basic amenities. 

Apartment or Independent House?

This option solely comes down to your individual preference. Further, you can simplify this decision on factors like budget, location, lifestyle and maintenance cost, and long-term decisions with that property. Now you know the pros and cons of both. 

Why Do Some Prefer Independent Houses?

As discussed above, individual houses come with privacy and more customizability and better exclusivity, and outdoor spaces and some individuals choose independent housing accordingly for that. 

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At Omaxe, we build dreams into reality and believe this philosophy wholeheartedly. Whether you want to invest in the best apartment or an individual house, we have both options for you. With timely completion and everything met for your dreams, we will provide what you are looking for. 


1. Is apartment better than independent house?

No, it depends on your needs and individual preference. Both the apartment and independent house have their pros and cons. 

2. What are the disadvantages of living in an apartment?

Apartments have some disadvantages like Less privacy and less space, builder dependency, fixed designs and customization limits. 

3. What are the advantages of living in an apartment?

Some advantages of Living in an apartment are Cost-effective, better amenities, higher security, rental income and living in a community. 

4. What is the difference between an independent house and apartment?

An independent house is built on a piece of land that is owned by an individual whereas an apartment is a unit in a building or a complex and can be in a community. 

5. What are the advantages of living in an independent house?

Some of the advantages of living in an independent house are privacy and bigger space, land ownership and you can customize it the way you want. You also get space for relaxation etc.

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