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Luxury Apartment

What To Expect In A Luxury Apartment?

Don’t you want to own a luxury apartment? An abode that would be high on elegance, style, and class that would fulfill your desire of living in a world-class home. But hey, do you know that owning a…
Home Loan

Home Loan vs Land Loan: Same or Different?

Do you want to lease or buy a new property? If yes, the market has several options for finance. However, exploring such options give rise to practical questions. Like this one: What is the difference between a home loan…
invest in Lucknow

Where should you invest in Lucknow

The prolonged slowdown in the real estate sector in India dragged down metropolitan cities. However, speaking of the state capitals and Tier-II cities, its impact was not seen when one looked at their price growth. Lucknow was one…