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Vastu for Apartment Entrance: Dos and Don’ts

When you are designing your home, you might think of all the aspects of the house and how it will affect your day-to-day circumstances. Homes built according to vastu shastra bring peace and prosperity in the house, especially the apartment entrance should be the first sign of Vastu that should matter. 

Vastu brings the energy 

The main door is the entryway towards your house and this marks the entry of different energies in your house. The main entrance is the main entry point of energy. Through using the Vastu shastra you can invite positive energies and improve your home environment. So, what are Vastu’s tips for the entrance and what are the do’s and don’ts for the apartment? Let’s check that out.

Which directions to choose for the house entrance as per Vastu 

When you are in the process of house design, you can think about which direction to choose for the house entrance and which direction to choose matters. You can stop the guesswork and use these points for reference for home entrance: 

house entrance as per Vastu 

Choosing the Directions 

  1. North-East: This is considered the best direction for the house entrance. The northeast corner is auspicious due to exposure directly from the morning sun. 

2. North: Considered as the second best location for the entry point. The energy levels are high in this direction and this direction also brings good luck and fortune for the residents. 

3. East: If you are looking for luck and power in your life, you can choose the east direction. Place the entrance as closely as possible in the north direction side for Vastu. 

4. South-East: The South direction is not considered as auspicious and this should not be considered. If you have limited options, then you can opt for the south-east direction for Vastu. 

5. North-west: If you want to invite wealth into your house, choose the north-west direction. It also gets in the evening sun rays as well. If you have an entrance position that is built on the west side of the home. 

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Vastu For Home Entrance: Do’s and Don’ts

What are the main points to consider for Vastu for home entrance and what are the do’s and don’ts you need to avoid? Let’s look at these one by one. 

Vastu Tips for entrance door: What to do

Vastu Tips for entrance door
  • Make the home door the largest door. 
  • Making the main door open from inside and clockwise is considered auspicious. 
  • Use high-quality wood for the main door. 
  • Make sure the main door is noise-free while closing or opening. 
  • Always use lights and make the main door bright lights. 
  • Have a beautiful nameplate on the entrance gate. This attracts different attributes like wealth, prosperity, and happiness. 
  • Get into the threshold of the main door, to avoid any loss of wealth. 
  • Always make your main door beautiful with attractive paint and don’t let the door look drab and dull. 
  • Try to make the main door a little higher and keep the step number in odd digits. 
  • Make the main door a little higher than the ground level.
  • A great option is to use two different doors for entry and exit and have two different shutters for them. 
  • Make the door for exit smaller than the entrance door.

Vastu Tips for entrance door: What not to do 

Vastu Tips for room
  •  Don’t use circular doors, slanting doors or sliding doors. 
  • Avoid having the door facing a different entrance or exit door. 
  • Don’t let a compound wall for the main door. 
  • Avoid things like septic tanks, and underground tanks, near or under the main door. 
  • Don’t keep shoes at the main entrance and put them to the side. 
  • Don’t keep things like dustbins or garbage bins near the main entrance as these can emit negative energy. 
  • Avoid any automatic closing of main doors. 
  • Avoid black color for the main door. 
  • Avoid any kind of religious place like a temple in front of the entrance. 
  • Avoid any arched doors and windows as these can distort energy patterns.
Vastu Tips for entrance door: What to doVastu Tips for entrance door: What not to do
1. Make the home door as the largest door.1. Avoid circular, slanting, or sliding doors.
2. Make the main door opening from inside and clockwise.2. Do not have the door facing another entrance or exit.
3. Use high-quality wood for the main door.3. Avoid a compound wall for the main door.
4. Ensure the main door is noise-free while closing or opening.4. Keep away from septic tanks or underground tanks near the door.
5. Use bright lights and illuminate the main door.5. Do not keep shoes at the main entrance.
6. Have a beautiful name plate on the entrance gate.6. Keep dustbins for garbage bins away from the entrance.
7. Step into the threshold of the main door.7. Avoid automatic closing main doors.
8. Keep the main door attractive with good paint.8. Stay away from black-colored main doors.
9. Maintain odd-step numbers for the entrance.9. Avoid religious places like temples in front of the entrance.
10. Keep the main door slightly higher than ground level.10. Do not use arched doors or windows.
11. Use two different doors for entry and exit, with different shutters.
12. Ensure the exit door is smaller than the entrance door.


Maybe it will not be that easy to follow the vastu tips for new house and adapting the form of house entrances. Using these vastu tips on the entrance gate and follow these tips you can follow to get auspiciousness and monetary gains and happiness in your house. From applying the correct direction methods of settings the entrance gate to get wealth and health in your house and get positive energies, through Vastu shastra this is possible. 

Omaxe is one of the best developers who are building their houses and apartments based on vastu and applying the traditional sciences for the families that are living in these houses to get the positive energies. 

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