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Best Property in Delhi NCR for Investment

Investing in the real estate sector has become a tried and true method that can secure your financial future. And when we talk about the real estate investment scenario in India, the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) stands out as a truly promising choice. Do we find the best property in Delhi NCR and what are the areas in the NCR region that we can invest in that provide us with great returns, let’s find out. 

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Delhi and its NCR region have a very strategic importance in terms of location as it provides a robust infrastructure and with rapid urbanization, this area has become a hotbed for the property investment scene. So, in this blog, we will find the best property to invest in Delhi NCR and focus on areas that have excellent potential for investment. 

Reasons to Invest in Delhi NCRDescription
Economic growthThe economic growth of Delhi NCR is very fast. It has become a corporate hub for many big MNCs. Due to this there is a rise in the property rates.
Infrastructure DevelopmentThere is great development in the infrastructure of Delhi NCR. Road and metro connectivity is growing very fast. Construction of Expressways is another major reason to invest in Delhi NCR. 
Healthcare and educational facilities Delhi NCR offers world-class healthcare and educational facilities, making it a great option to invest in. 
Promising Returns In the previous years, Delhi NCR has shown promising results. The average return rate is between 8-12%, making it more lucrative to invest. 

Why is Delhi NCR a good place to invest in Real estate?

Delhi NCR comprises several cities along with some regions. These regions include Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad. This vast area provides great real estate investment opportunities. Here are some of the major reasons why you should buy property in Delhi NCR. 

1. Economic Growth 

Delhi NCR has become a giant hub for business attracting multinational corporations and even startups also. As the job market is growing due to the mentioned reasons, the demand for rental properties keeps rising and rising. This is one of the great reasons to invest in properties in Delhi NCR. 

2. Infrastructure development 

From the different demands in the area, the NCR has shown a significant rise in infrastructure development from the increasing connectivity of the Metro Train Network from Delhi Metro, Noida Metro, and More. 

In recent years new airports have been structured in different areas in NCR. Plus new expressways are constantly connecting different parts of NCR. All these developments lead to increasing the valuation of property values. 

3. Healthcare and educational facilities 

Another advantage of Delhi NCR is the healthcare facilities it provides. Delhi NCR has world-class levels of healthcare facilities. Along with the best healthcare facilities, Delhi NCR also has some of the best and top-notch educational institutions. This makes it a very lucrative option for both families and students. 

4. Promising Returns 

The property prices in Delhi NCR have shown a great appreciation offering different investors high returns from their investments. 

Now, let’s move to the best property to invest in Delhi NCR

1. Gurugram/Gurgaon

Gurgaon is called the millennium city of India and has become a very lucrative destination for real estate investors. Gurgaon is now known for its big skyscrapers, well-built business environment, and modern infrastructure.  

Data:  As per the data, it is shown that the average property price in Gurgaon has risen from 8-10% annually. 

Type of property to invest in Gurgaon

If you want to invest in real estate in Gurgaon, now is the best time to invest. You can invest in both commercial as well as residential space. Some great options to invest in Gurgaon are luxury apartments, commercial spaces, and independent housing.  

Omaxe has a total of 6 residential and 3 commercial properties to invest in Gurgaon. When it comes to investing in real estate, Omaxe Gurgaon Mall will always be in your options. It is a commercial project by Omaxe in Gurgaon sec 49 and spread over 6.08 acres. Again, in sec 51 of Gurugram, Omaxe Designer Villa Mayfield Garden offering Ready to move in Villas.  


2. Noida 

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority commonly called Noida, has become a hotbed for all the real estate development in NCR. Known for its well-planned housing system and excellent connectivity and for becoming a major hub for the IT industry, there are multiple options for investors with different budget options available there. 

Noida’s proximity to Delhi also increases the job potential and thus increases the property rates in this region. All the areas in Noida are well connected with broad roads and an easy commute from one place to another is possible. 

Data: The average price increase in the property rates annually accounts for 7% to 12%. 

Type of property to invest in Noida 

The growth in media industries and IT industries has led to a big rise in residential properties thus providing a great potential for investment in residential properties. 

Omaxe have developed major real estate projects in Noida, both commercial as well as residential. The properties in Noida includes:

  1. Omaxe Royal Residency- In sec 44, consist of 3 towers with a total of 150 units.
  2. Omaxe Twin Towers- In Sec 50, consist of 2 towers with a total of 136 Units. 
  3. Grand Omaxe- Located in sec 93B, consist of 22 towers with a total of 1320 Units.
  4. The Forest Spa- Located in sec 93B, consist of 3 towers with a total of 176 Units.

3. Ghaziabad: Great Investment potential 

Situated in the eastern areal fringes of Delhi that provide different property investment options that are affordable, the property prices in Ghaziabad are lower than other upscale areas like Noida and Gurgaon. 

Data: In some years the property rates in Ghaziabad have risen by approximately 7% to 9%. 

Which type of property to invest in Ghaziabad 

If you are looking for a real estate investment and have a lower budget to spend Ghaziabad will be a promising area to invest in. It can provide great investment opportunities without needing a big real estate investment budget and provide good property for sale in Delhi NCR region. 

Ghaziabad has great potential in both residential as well as in commercial properties. The affordability of the region along with the proximity to Noida and Delhi makes Ghaziabad a great choice for real estate investment. It is very well connected with the Delhi NCR region as well.

In Ghaziabad  Omaxe has invested in several properties like Omaxe Habitat Floors. This real estate property is located in Kaushambi. These floors come with the latest amenities, near to markets, medical, schools and colleges and with excellent transportation connectivity.

4. Faridabad: An emerging destination 

Moving up as an emerging destination for industrial hubs, Faridabad lies in Haryana and has become a destination that has worthy investment potential for real estate investors. It is extensively connected with the Delhi and NCR regions via both Metro and Roads. 

Data: Recent data suggests that there is a price appreciation of 6-8% annually in the real estate sector. 

Type of property to invest in Faridabad

Investment in Faridabad can provide a great investment strategy if you are thinking of investment from a long-term perspective. As there is more urbanization and development in infrastructure, investment in commercial or residential property can be a great proposition. 

Major Real Estate properties to Invest in Faridabad Includes: 

  1. The Forest Spa: Located near SurajKund, spread over 12.50 acres with 12 towers, contains 324 units.
  2. Omaxe Hills: This property is located in Surajkund. It has 10 towers with 225 Units. 
  3. Omaxe New Heights- Located in sec 78, this property has 4 towers with a total of 332 Units ready to move in. 

5. Delhi: Heart of India 

Lastly Delhi, the heart of India. Delhi provides very diverse investment options. From the commercial spaces in Connaught Place to upscale properties located in South Delhi. Although Delhi has higher property prices than the NCR region. 

Data: Delhi has witnessed a property price increase of up to 8% annually. 


Type of property to invest in Delhi 

Investment in commercial properties can be a viable option but residential properties can provide great returns as well. However, do deeper research and consider your budget and limitations when you are investing in property in Delhi. 

Omaxe has major 3 commercial projects in Delhi which are: 

  1. Pearl Omaxe: This commercial space is located on the Ring Road, Netaji Subhash Place. 
  2. Omaxe Square located in Jasola, South Delhi is spread over 1.6 Lakh sq. ft.
PlacesProperties by OmaxeDescription
GurgaonOmaxe Gurgaon MallThis commercial space in Sec 49 is spread over 6.08 acres and is a prime location for investment in Gurgaon. 
NoidaOmaxe Royal ResidencyOmaxe Royal Residency is located in Sec 44, Noida. There are a total of 150 saleable units. 
GhaziabadOmaxe HabitatThis property is located in Kaushambi and has been developed with stylish infrastructure and covers all amenities. 
DelhiOmaxe SquareThis property is located in Jasola, South Delhi and one of the best commercial properties to invest in Delhi. It is spread over 1.6 lakh sq. ft area. 
FaridabadOmaxe New HeightsThis residential property is located in Sec 78 and comes with 324 ready to move in units. 
DelhiPearl OmaxeOne of the premier commercial spaces in Delhi. It is located at the premium location of Netaji Subhash Place. 


Delhi NCR provides great investment potential if you are thinking about the best property in Delhi NCR. With the detailed information described above, investors can go ahead and invest in a great property whether commercial or household. The real knowledge towards investing in Delhi NCR comes down to careful planning, researching, and making informed decisions based on your budget and other factors. Your investment in real estate in Delhi NCR can help pave the way towards a prosperous future.