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How to Choose the Right Property in Delhi for Investment?

Property in Delhi and around Delhi NCR is showing an upward trend of great investment opportunities. Investment in Property is one of the best and time-tested and ultra-secure investment options if you talk about all the factors involved in it. If you are looking for great investment options, and  want to do big financial investments, then this blog will surely help you provide a comprehensive understanding regarding property investments.  Let’s look at all the factors involved in it.

Safest investment option Property in Delhi 

Property Investment is not one of but safest options if you consider all the factors involved in every scenario. It is considered the safest option for investment from all perspectives. We will talk about Delhi Property investment here and if you are in search of it, then you have found the correct article. Just keep reading it. 

If you have surplus money, then you are looking for different investment opportunities and real estate investment is a great option for that. It’s a great long-term investment. 

4 highly effective tips to consider when making property investment in Delhi

Although when making a great decision of either investing in commercial property in Delhi or finding the best sources of property investment you have to take these points into consideration to finalise the best property: 

  1. Location

There are two scenarios of property investment in this. Let’s look at both in terms of Location. The first scenario arises if you are investing in residential property in Delhi NCR, when you think about investing in the residential property, and if you are going to live in that property, then the scenario changes. 

You have to really think about all the basic amenities in the nearby areas. You have to think about nearby schools, hospitals, workplaces, recreational areas, and markets when you and your family will be living in that property. 

The scenario changes by a slight margin when you consider investing in commercial property in Delhi. Even though you are investing in the Delhi NCR Properties for commercial purposes, you still have to consider the basic amenities, not as likely as residential properties but basic facilities like Hospitals or simple services should be available nearby. 

Commercial property doesn’t require that many amenities nearby but still it’s considered an important factor. Let’s look at the next point that relates to approvals. 

2. Approvals 

After you have cleared the location issue, you need to know all the important aspects related to approved properties in Delhi or Delhi NCR. If you are looking for property, you should know about RERA or Rera-approved properties. RERA is an abbreviation for the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

RERA was formed to bring true transparency to the real estate sector in India. Property fraud was prevalent before the RERA was made and many investors lost their money and investments due to property fraud. 

RERA now certifies properties based on many criteria. 

You need to do Delhi NCR property investment in only RERA-approved properties. We at Omaxe have all the RERA-approved properties for your safe investment opportunities. 

The Main approvals under RERA are: 

  •  Power of Attorney (PoA) 
  • Encumbrance Certificate 
  • Municipal approval 
  • Completion certificate 
  • Fire approval 
  • RERA registration 
  • And some more approvals. 

The Omaxe properties in Delhi NCR  have all the required RERA approvals for your safe option of investment in Properties in Delhi NCR

3. Developer Reputation 

As discussed in the last section, if the property is not RERA approved, the investors don’t trust that property anymore in today’s age. It raises doubts in the minds of Investors if the property is not RERA approved. Another criterion to consider is the reputation of the developer, and how clean is the track record of the developer. 

You should always go for a reputable property developer with a clean track record. At Omaxe, we have the best track record for the fastest completion of our properties, and handing it over to their owners in the specified time. 

Investment in property should be done based on their track record, and how many projects they completed on time. 

4. Home Loans and Finances 

Money is the most important factor when you are considering doing property investments. You need to be well aware of all the sources of money to buy that Property in Delhi NCR. You have to be even more well aware if you are financing the property, and if you are investing in residential property in Delhi

If you want to take a home loan for Omaxe properties, we have some great bank options with the lowest interest rates. Do check them out. For all others, you have to take into consideration the rules of developers and the different options in payment plans for loans. 

The payment of home loans is done based on project completion status. If your property is ready to move in, you have to know the possession process and get it as soon as possible, when you deposit all the funds to the developers. At Omaxe, we really streamline the process and provide faster possessions to their homeowners, that’s why we have a great record of project completion and possessions whether it’s commercial property or residential property. 

Investor knowledge when doing investments in property

Some Property investor tips for better investment options:

  1. Search for Profitable areas – Look for the best areas that have great future potential in terms of expandability and other sources. If you want to do property investment in Delhi NCR areas, these areas are booming in capital and economy. 
  1. Tight Squeeze – Always invest in properties that are booming and quickly filling, this will provide fast investment options and no problems relating to empty spaces and people not living in those areas. 
  1. Know before you invest – Don’t invest in areas, where you know nothing about. Always know all the details about areas before doing any investment. Research all the important aspects before any investments. 
  1. Future potential – Find the future potential of that property and then invest. Search for the future plans for that property and then invest in that if you are looking for property, particularly in commercial property in Delhi NCR but also in residential property in NCR too. 

At Omaxe, we have an amazing track record of providing the best potential to do investment in property for commercial as well as residential properties. Invest safely and securely with these tips in properties in Delhi or NCR.

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