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Where To Invest in Property in Delhi

The heart of India, ‘Delhi’ is not just a city rich in its culture, heritage and great food but also a growing hub for real estate. Delhi accommodates people from different parts of India for work or studies. This has led to an ever-rising demand for varieties of properties among investors. With such a diverse population living in Delhi has today made it a primary choice for investment.

We all agree to the fact that making investments in real estate isn’t a small task. Several crucial factors go into consideration. From the locality to amenities and future value everything has to be considered. However, there are many worthy options to choose from if you are planning to invest in property in Delhi.

So, this article will help you discover all the key elements related to your next investment in the dynamic real estate market in Delhi.

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Why Invest in Delhi?

The very first question for an investor before making any further analysis is ‘Why invest in that area’?

The same has to be answered about our capital city ‘Delhi’ as well. So, let us check how this city is a perfect option to choose for investing in property;

1. Infrastructural developments

Delhi is a city that is known for its continuous investments in the transportation and networking sector. Through regular expansions in roadways and metro lines, the value of your property here gets appreciated.

2. Favourable environment to invest

This city is developing at a good speed in terms of its economic growth. It gives home to several services and manufacturing sectors. Such a strong and diverse economy enhances the scope of increase in the property value.

3. Home to diverse people

The corporate market of Delhi is boosting at an unimaginable rate. By becoming a major source of interaction for several migrants and professionals it offers shelter to diverse people. This has hyped up the demand for residential and even commercial properties. Many people from India are now looking at Delhi as their new home. So more people will invest in property in Delhi for a perfect lifestyle.

4. Policies in favour of investors

The government of Delhi has made several initiatives in favour of the investors. The policies of the RERA Act safeguard the investors from any fraud hence, maintaining utmost transparency. This makes this city an even better option to invest in Real estate.

5. Variety to choose from and future appreciation

With such a huge variety to choose from there is everything for everyone. Hence, you can invest in a property that matches your budget and goals. Also, previous records have proven that the properties in Delhi have shown appreciation with time. This makes it even more valuable for future rate appreciation.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Delhi

Before making any kind of investment into any property in Delhi you must consider the following factors:

  • Always make sure that your location supports proximity to the areas of your need. Such areas could be IT companies, schools, health care centres etc.
  • Analysing the budget beforehand is advisable to stay within your financial comfort.
  • Different types of properties like residential and commercial have different features and requirements. Hence, always choose the type in which you want to invest.
  • Understanding market trends with thorough research regarding the price-wise worthiness of property and future appreciation rates shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Always make a checklist of the amenities offered with the property like water supply, sewage and electricity.

By considering these most crucial factors you can make a wise choice to invest in property in Delhi.

Types of Property Investments in Delhi, NCR

Commercial properties

Commercial properties are the ones that are meant for any business-related purpose rather than living. It includes office spaces, warehouses, industrial spaces, retail shops etc. To invest in commercial properties you must always look for top-notch business locations.

Places like Cyber City, Connaught Palace, industrial areas of Ghaziabad and several malls are seen as the perfect place to invest in property in Delhi for commercial purposes.

Residential properties

Residential properties are the ones that ensure you shelter for livelihood. In Delhi, you can find several options ranging from apartments to villas. Everything comes at different price ranges like budget-friendly or for luxury. For investing in residential areas, analysing the overall locality you choose is quite crucial. A good investment in residential properties ensures the standard of living.

Areas like Dwarka, Vasant Kunj, Noida and Gurugram in NCR including Faridabad and Ghaziabad as well are some of the lucrative options to choose from.

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Top 5 Investment Location in Delhi, NCR

1. Chandini Chowk

Chandini Chowk is one of the famous places in Old Delhi. This place is one of the oldest and has the most vibrant markets in Delhi. The area provides a mix of both commercial as well as residential properties. Investing in commercial properties like Omaxe Chandni Chowk, for businesses can be a good option for investors.

The main attraction of this place is that it is very close to most of the iconic places such as Red Fort, and Jama Masjid which makes it a tourist hub.

The most important factor before investing here is that the prices of real estate here can be relatively high because of its historical value and limited space.

2. Faridabad

This city is located in the southern region of Delhi NCR which has reported rapid growth in the past few years. Faridabad has made a separate place for investors in industries as well as for residential apartments. The city offers good infrastructure development, connectivity via metro and roads.

Faridabad is very famous for its affordability as compared to some other regions of Delhi NCR which makes it the best place to invest in property in Delhi NCR.

3. Noida

If you want to invest in Noida then you must know the fact that this place is one of the most developed places in Delhi NCR. Noida has become a major hub for both the commercial and IT sector. It has many multinational companies setting up their offices and IT parks. It has increased demand for residential properties, which makes it the best location for real estate investment.

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4. Gurgaon

Gurgaon is also known as Gurugram, which is a commercial and corporate powerhouse in the entire Delhi NCR. It is a home of various Fortune companies which makes it a prime option for commercial real estate investment. The city has first-class residential properties, the best malls and good connectivity to Delhi and the airport. If you want to invest in property in Delhi you can also consider rental outlets, office areas or residential apartments.

5. Dwarka

If you want to invest in property that has a well-planned sub-city then Dwarka is the most suitable place for you. It is also famous for its commercial and residential sectors. It provides a variety of apartments, commercial areas and most importantly the best education institutions. The Delhi meteor availability has boosted the connectivity to the other parts of Delhi NCR which makes it a good place for investment.

Top 5 properties to invest in Delhi, NCR by OMAXE

1. Omaxe Chowk

Omaxe Mall located in the heart of Chandni Chowk Delhi is a prime investment opportunity. This place offers rental places, offices and more investment options to the investors. Chandni Chowk is a bustling hub for commercial as well as residential purposes that is best known for its markets and cultural significance. That is what makes Omaxe Chowk the best property to invest in Delhi NCR.

2. Omaxe World Street

Omaxe World Street is a most promising area for investment. Faridabad is an emerging place with excellent connectivity to Delhi and other NCR areas. Omaxe World Street is a commercial development place that provides various retail places, restaurants and other entertainment options. This street is best for commercial property in Faridabad.

3. Omaxe Connaught Place

Omaxe Connaught is a strategic location situated in sector 75 Noida. This place aims to redevelop the beauty of Delhi’s Connaught place in Noida that makes it an attractive location for investment. The Thai project will give you high street retail, different types of office spaces and various options for entertainment. That is the reason that Connaught Place is the best commercial property in Noida that has an excellent infrastructure and proximity to Delhi.

4. Omaxe City Centre

If you are looking for the most developed place along with good sales options in Gurgaon then the city centre is the best commercial property for sale in Gurgaon. The reason being is that Gurgaon is a hub of corporate offices and many commercial properties. This project will give you a mix of retail as well as office space, making it a best opportunity for investment.

5. Omaxe Dwarka

Omaxe Dwarka is a new commercial project in Dwarka. This project offers residential and commercial spaces in the sub city of Delhi. Dwarka is a well constructed residential area and with the increasing demand for commercial as well as residential area. Omaxe Dwarka project offers a chance to cater the needs of the local population.

Tips for Property Investment

Investing in property is a long-term commitment that once executed can’t be changed overnight. Hence, follow these tips to ensure a worthy property investment at once in Delhi:

Always determine your investment goals in advance. Your purpose regarding the purchase of property whether for rental income or stay should be known beforehand.

Calculating your financial capability by analysing your budget should be done. Along with basic costs do consider more expenses like tax and maintenance.

The historical price and its appreciation over the years must be carried out thoroughly with respect to the market standards.

Physically visiting and checking the overall condition of the property must not be ignored.

Be familiar with all the legal compliances that must be fulfilled A to Z through the purchase of that property.

By considering these factors diligently while making such a crucial decision will help you find the Best property to invest in Delhi Ncr.

Market Trends and Future Outlook

Analysing the market trends and future outlook property is a crucial factor in deciding the overall investment worthiness while planning to Invest in property in Delhi.

Many of the insights showcased an increase in the process of property in cream locations like Gurgaon, Dwarka and Noida. There are a number of regulatory reforms introduced to maintain a higher degree of transparency between the dealer and investor through the RERA act.

Talking about the future outlook, to cater to diverse people smaller units will be set up by builders. The expansion of metro lines and road connectivity has appreciated the value of property. Nowadays, property management is also done through digital means quite effectively.

The rental income sources in healthcare centres or educational institutions are boosting.


I hope that after going through this article you will be able to understand the real estate market of Delhi quite well. At the end, the property investment in Delhi NCR is influenced by diverse factors but united by its potential for Financial growth. By rationally analyzing the market trends, worthiness, budget etc. you can reap the maximum benefit by making investment in the city of culture and modernisation today.

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