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Vital Vastu Signs to Consider Before Buying an Apartment

Finding a home is not an easy task. You need to consider several factors before buying an apartment. One of the most important factors of them all is if it complies with Vastu Shastra norms.

Everyone wishes for a house that is filled with positive vibes and brings peace. However, with the increasing number of high-rise buildings in cities, builders often overlook Vastu principles.

To help you solve this problem, this article will shine some light upon Vastu values. These tips will help you discover if the apartment conforms to the basic principles of this ancient system of architecture.

Does Vastu Matter for Apartments?

Before delving into the details, it is crucial to note the importance of Vastu values in apartments. before buying an Apartment Vastu compliance is as necessary as it is for independent houses. For years this architectural science has served as the basis for developing the best and most peaceful living spaces.  

Therefore, you might face issues if the Vastu of your apartment is not correct. So, no matter the type of house, Vastu matters in every living space.

Vastu Tips for Selecting and Buying an Apartments 

Vastu values incorporate the order of nature into the construction. It helps the occupants stay in harmony with nature while living under human-made roofs. Plus, it brings prosperity and success.

Here are some crucial tips to follow while selecting and buying an apartments:


According to Vastu, your apartment should have a North or North-East facing door. It will provide natural light throughout the day across the space. Besides, the South or West entryway will let in infrared rays in the afternoon, which are bad for human health.


The south-East corner of the house is the best zone to have a kitchen space. According to Vastu principles, food must be prepared in the East direction. Additionally, the kitchen should be right next to the primary door. Choosing the right colour for your kitchen is also important.


The best place for a bedroom is the South-West corner. It ensures relaxation and peace of mind. Plus, it would be best if the rooms were rectangular or square-shaped.


The bathroom location is vital in both Vastu and modern science. The toilets should be either at the South-East or the North-West corner of your house. Further, it should be away from the kitchen or puja area.

More Tips on Apartment Vastu

In addition to direction-related tips, Vastu also talks about the window, storeroom, and door positions. Check out these extra yet essential details below:

  • Windows: The windows in apartments must open in the North or East direction. The number of windows in the house should be an even number and must all open inwards.
  • Master Bedroom: The master bedroom should be in the South-West corner. The children’s bedroom can be in the North-West corner.
  • Drawing Room: The drawing room must be in South, West, or North-West corners.
  • Study Room: According to Vastu, the study room should be in the East, West, North-East, or North-West direction. Besides, it should be in a place that is adjacent to the puja room.
  • Store Room: The storeroom in your house or kitchen should be in the South direction.
  • Balconies: The balconies in your apartment are subject to Vastu principles as well. They should be in East, North, or North-East directions.
  • Dustbins: Dustbins must be placed in the South-West direction of your home. It should have enough space to cover the garbage.

Final Takeaway :

Vastu for apartments is significant as a major chunk of the population moves toward living in them. So, it is vital to consider its aspects before moving into a new space.

Remember to check for water storage pumps, septic and drainage system, and primary gates of the community building. According to Vastu, if your apartment is close to these things, they are considered favourable for you and your family.

Try not to ignore Vastu just because an apartment does not touch the ground directly. One way or another, we all are connected to the elements of nature, and that plays a vital role in every space.

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