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A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Living Space with the Top 10 Vastu Shastra Tips

 Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian knowledge system that talks about the science of architecture. It describes principles of layout, design, ground preparation, measurements, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastra translates into ‘Vastu’ meaning ‘place of dwelling’ and ‘Shastra’ meaning ‘doctrine.’ It’s no wonder that even after 3000 years of its discovery in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, Vastu Shastra is still a compelling science that influences the decisions of prospective home buyers.

Some of the following Vastu tips hold special prominence. Home buyers would certainly benefit if they kept these simple yet effective suggestions in mind when hunting for their dwelling.

Table of Content:

  1. Basic Vastu Shastra Principles for Homes
  2. The Top 10 Vastu Shastra Tips For Harmonious Home Living
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

Basic Vastu Shastra Principles for Homes

We understand that Vastu knowledge is considered a myth by many modern minds. But if we look closely and understand, Vastu is not only about some ancient beliefs but the architectural understanding of space & placement of things inside. Following this will enable the natural forces to illuminate your home in the best possible way. Even implementing some basic principles that we are talking about here will give your home a tremendous change.

  1. The importance of the sun in Vastu Shastra regards a high position. As the world welcomes the Sun from the east, your main entrance must also be towards the east, northeast, or north for warm welcoming gestures. Also, keep it clean & free of all obstacles. 
  2. Your bedroom should reflect calm vibes & stability. The perfect directions for the bedroom are southwest. 
  3. As the sun strengthens the earth, the kitchen strengthens the family. Keep it towards the southeast or east. Keep it clean, well-ventilated, and organized. 
  4. Keep your living room spacious, clutter-free, and rich with natural lights. As this place reflects relaxation as well as joyfulness, the ideal direction would be northeast, east, or north. 
  5. Vastu also mentions the right colors for each section of a house. White, pink, and other light colors are good for bedrooms, living rooms, & bathrooms. Warm colors are good for dining to promote appetite fire. 
  6. Furniture should be placed to create space and a sense of balance. The moving area should be free and clutter-free. 
  7. Use natural lights to the best of possibilities. Natural forces like wind sunlight, door plants, and water keep you calm, fresh, and alive. You feel a breeze of freshness with natural involvement. 
  8. Keep your home clutter-free. An organized home lets the energy flow correctly. Everything radiates energy and a cluttered home will create disturbance in the flow and create restlessness in the environment.

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The Top 10 Vastu Shastra Tips For Harmonious Home Living

1. Entrances must be carefully earmarked

The door of the house the buyer buys shouldn’t be located in the south direction. South being the door to the nether realm attracts negative energy and infrared rays of the sun that are harmful to health. Ideally, the position of the door should be from north to north-east. There should be adequate open space around the building. Placing a picture of Ganesha at the entrance to one’s dwelling is one of the best ways to ward off loneliness and negative energies.

2. Natural sunlight mustn’t be hindered

Vastu lays stress on the idea that Sunlight is crucial for any house to have positive energy. Moreover, ensuring ample sunlight means that majority of germs will be killed, and there will be an almost negligible odour. According to Vastu, it is essential to leave an open space on all four corners of the house. A house shouldn’t have a common wall with another house as it leads to the creation of mixed energies.

3. Ablutions need to be kept at a safe distance

Toilets and bathrooms should be situated in the south-west direction or the southern corner of the house. The direction of the wind is from northeast to south-west, and if washrooms are located in the northeast, the wind would blow from toilet to the living room, contaminating the atmosphere. Keeping plants and saplings in the bathroom brings forth positivity apart from giving it a natural and serene appearance.

4. The Source of creation must complement the fire element

Since the Kitchen is the place of creation, it should ideally be positioned in the south-east corner of the house. Moreover, the Agneya or fire element favours the kitchen premises if it’s in the southeastern corner.

5. Solar energy for purification

Early morning sun rays are rich with ultraviolet rays which can help in purifying water. The water tanks should be placed in the north-eastern corner of the roof in a multistoried building. Plastic water tanks should not be used because if it is plastic, it should be of some dark colour like black, blue, etc. so that it facilitates absorption of sun rays.

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6. Illuminate your kid’s world with natural light

As per Vastu, the ideal place for the kid’s room is North- East or North West. The Sun is never in the north direction, so it is preferable to keep the kid’s room window on the north wall. This will not only bring the natural light of the sun but also protect from harmful sun rays.

7. Mediums of movement need to be correctly placed

The staircase and lift must lie in the south-west corner of the apartment building. This is because they act as the buffer zones and help in keeping the hot sun rays away from the building’s interiors.

8. Keep in mind the laws of physics

In a society or community space, let the building block in the south-west direction be the tallest of all the building blocks. It will help in protecting the other blocks from the harmful rays of the setting sun.

9. Paint your house with light colours to make it cooler:

To ensure that your living space is cool and tolerable, the walls of the apartments should not be painted black or in dark colours, as they absorb sun rays and increase the internal temperature of the apartment. Rather, cool tones like white, cream, light green, sky blue, and orange are ideal. If you also want to know how to choose the right colour for your kitchen, then read it.

10. Stone Pyramids are a great way to correct Vastu deficiencies

Placing stone pyramids is an excellent way to correct Vastu defects and remove ill-feelings and bring in a more positive ambiance. Pyramids can be installed in the center of the house, at a key strategic point or even in the prayer room. If a pyramid is kept at a height in a strategic or important room, one can even practice meditation under it and experience bliss.

You often arrange things as per Vastu after buying your house. We are one of the top real estate delvelopers in India. We believe in giving its buyers, homes that are built as per Vastu principles so that peace and happiness are always present in the dwellings which you choose. After all, a home is where the most beautiful memories are made, and your new home should bring prosperity into your life.


Indian subcontinent people have been following the Vastu Shastra for thousands of years. Though it has been diluted with the modernization of society, Vastu Shastra for Home still holds value among the Indian population. Unlike what the west precepts about this ancient understanding of architecture, it is not completely a hoax. 

Vastu Shastra gives a clear understanding of how a home should be. The roles of different rooms, their energies, motives, colors, and the importance of natural involvement in a home are described well in Vastu. By implementing a smart & practical understanding of the situation, you can decorate a home peacefully & lovingly. In this article, we have discussed the basic principles of Vastu and the top 10 Vastu tips for home. Apply them all and enjoy your heaven.  


Q.1: What happens if the house is not Vastu compliant?

Ans. The Vastu Shastra is the ancient architectural knowledge of India. It helps you to design your home in such a way that brings peace, luck, and joy to it. As per the beliefs, not following the Vastu shastra can invite havoc to your home. 

Q.2: What are the basic principles of Vastu for home?

Ans. The basic principles of Vastu deal with the Sun, Moon, direction, Air, Space, and Light. The several principles show how you can utilize all these natural forces to make your home more alive & joyful. Above in this article, we have discussed several principles. Check them all out.

Q.3: How to bring positive energy to the house as per Vastu or home?

Apply the following to fill your energy with positive energy. 

  • Keep the passages clean. 
  • Use salt for absorbing negative energies. 
  • Use idols, symbols, and pictures to home. 
  • Keep a good fragrance at home. 
  • Use more mirrors. 

Q.4: How can I attract positive energy to my house?

Ans. Vastu has given several instructions to bring positive energy to your home. It includes organizing your home, putting idols & symbols, keeping it clean, aligning each room with specific directions, and choosing the right color. 

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