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Choose the Right Colour for your kitchen according to Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a source of energy.

In real estate, Vastu colours serve two purposes. The first is to add elegance and refinement to the kitchen, while the second entails infusing the environment with positive energy. The blog will serve as the perfect guide for you to incorporate the best colours to bring positive energy into your kitchen and, ultimately, your real estate property.

Kitchen Colour ideas as per Vastu Shashtra

Check out these colours that will suit the kitchen of your real estate property according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu ColoursWhat They Symbolise
SaffronPositivity and Wish
WhiteInnocence and Purity
GreenHope and Harmony
Brick ColourChallenges and Bless
YellowPositive and upbeat atmosphere
RedLuck, Fire, Happiness, and Love
PinkPredominant Emotions
Chocolate BrownWarmth and Contentment
Metallic HuesProductivity, Transquility, and Clarity
BeigeCalmness and Stability

1. Saffron

Saffron is a fantastic choice for those who value positivity and wish to build solid relationships. Saffron, which is best used in east-facing kitchens, encourages people to take risks and attain their full potential.

2. White

White represents innocence and purity. Whitening the kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra, offers peace to the entire household. It also aids in the development of more secure and honest relationships. When the kitchen is facing northwest, it is best to paint it white.

3. Green

It can be challenging to choose a Vastu colour. Choosing Green, on the other hand, is never a mistake. It is a sign of harmony as well as a symbol of nature. If you paint the kitchen green, it will have a soothing effect, and you will be able to appreciate the essence of a peaceful life.

4. Brick colour: orange or red

Selecting Brick Orange might help you feel more energized and stimulated. This colour will help you conquer different challenges and bless your home with prosperity if you use it to paint your kitchen. This colour looks great in kitchens with a southeast orientation.

5. Yellow

Yellow is one of the many colours that would look great in a kitchen. It produces a positive and upbeat atmosphere that will motivate everyone. Its addition to the kitchen will aid in the stimulation of your life’s happiness. This colour looks great in kitchens that aren’t in direct sunlight.

Vastu colour for various real estate orientations

  • East

Colours to avoid: Yellow, Gold, Grey, White, and Silver

Best colours: Green, Beige, and Orange

  • West

Colours to avoid: Green, Red, and Orange

Best colours: White, Silver, Grey, and Gold

  • North

(Not considered the best direction for cooking according to Vastu)

Best colours: Blue, green and grey.

Colours to avoid: Red, orange, yellow and green.

  • South

(the best direction for a kitchen according to Vastu)

Best colours: Red, orange, yellow, beige and green silver.

Colours to avoid in the Kitchen

Colours are known to balance the mind and the body and can affect the family members. Dark colours can hinder the positive flow of energy, while a colour imbalance might also negatively affect the optimistic aura of the kitchen.

Avoid using black colour for your kitchen as it is considered a depressing colour and can lead to wealth loss. Dark blue symbolizes instability and may affect the entire dynamics of the elements that the kitchen represents.

Home Countertops in Granite

Traditional countertop materials include a wide range of stones and marbles. The Vastu specifies that the countertop is made of granite, quartz, or natural stone. These countertops are both long-lasting and stylish. Granite can be used for the walls as well as the countertop. Natural colours, over synthetic colours, should be used within the household.

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