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6 Home Design Trends that Will Dominate 2024

The new year and new season call for a fresh take on your wardrobe, new accessories or be it anything that suits your liking. Likewise, you can breathe creativity into your home design, for your abode also deserves care and a change of scenery.

With a significant shift in consumer preferences in colours and elements choices, there is a lot to note and implement from the emerging trends in home design in 2024. Since your home is a reflection of everything you adore, you should keep a close eye on emerging trends and give your home a classy update, if not a whole makeover.

While the previous design was all about practicality, home design in 2024 will be full of unique patterns, furniture and colours. Trends of this year will focus on building a connection. Without further ado, have a look at our top picks for home design trends in 2024.

1. Biophilic Designs

After being locked up in our homes for more or less 3 years, one thing is for sure; people will reconnect with nature through biophilic designs. Biophilic designs bring us closer to nature by creating concepts that use direct and indirect nature, spaces and places. These design concepts are becoming popular as they are perfect for urban environments and offer health, economic and environmental benefits with minimum drawbacks.

2. Bold Patterns and Colours are so in!

Colours play a crucial role in depicting the mood and ambience of the interiors. A house with creative colours and patterns will resonate with a cheery attitude and dynamic presence. Simply put, bold colours and patterns are the next big thing in the interior decor world. Lilac, for instance, is emerging as a trendsetter this year. Despite the hint of the nineties, adding lilac adds a hint of playfulness and glamour. If you want to know how to choose the right colour for your kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra, then read this blog.

3. Everyone is in the mood for retro!

The present trends are going back in time to visit their retro eras of the 60s and 70s. This year is all about nostalgia hitting us pretty hard, thus the need to go for interior decor with geometric prints, curvy pieces of furniture, chandelier. Retro home designs add simplicity yet richness and luxury into the home interior.

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4. Houseplants

In a bid to be closer to nature, houseplants have become more and more desirable to bring in the touch of nature into the home interiors. The plus point of houseplants is that they give a homely yet classic touch to the interiors, thus, notching up the warm, inviting ambience. To add a touch of

nature to your interiors, go for succulents that would require low maintenance. If you want to opt for no-hassle plant decoration, then go for artificial plants available at reasonable prices offline and online.

5. Timeless Designs

This year is all about deriving a sense of comfort and belonging. Traditional designs reflect timelessness and connection to the roots. People these days are opting for designs that create nostalgia. You can opt for antique items to bring a sophisticated yet simple appeal to your home.

6. Sustainability

We are all part of a generation that reflects on practises that affect our planet negatively. We are now adopting ways that keep preservation at the core. Interior designers are focusing on creating spaces made from eco-friendly materials that are long-lasting and of the highest quality.

With the cultural vibrance and tasteful decor trends of 2024 in hand, you can create mindful living spaces that are not for display but strike a conversation with the people residing and visiting the spaces. Use colours and designs to create a perfect harmony of interiors and let your personality shine through your home design.