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Get Your Home Dream Home: Buy 1 BHK in Grand Omaxe, Lucknow

Lucknow has been a torchbearer of the culture of sophistication and grandeur. The city dazzles with royalty even today. To bring a semblance of sophistication and magnificence, the Grand Omaxe has come to the town in the location of Gomti Nagar Extension.

To gift you excellence for your dream house, it offers a splendid 1 BHK for you to make yours.

What Should You Look for Before Purchasing Your House?

One of the very first dreams anyone ever had was about living in their own house. The size of the place was never the topic of concern. All that mattered was the belongingness one could feel in the home purchased entirely by themselves.

Whether you’re an unmarried person or a small family from Lucknow, after years of saving, the decision of purchasing a house comes along. That’s why you need to be sure of the decision you’re taking without having a shred of doubt.

Here’s a list of a few things for you to help buy you your house.

Location of the Flat

There can’t be anything more important than where you live. It’s the reason why and how you get access to the basic facilities. In this fast-moving world, time is of utmost importance. Looking for a place to buy groceries or commuting long distances is just a waste of your time. That’s why your house should be at a prime location.

Land Record

The place where your home is erected is a piece of crucial information. The topography of the land and the soil can be a cause of concern during odd weather. Moreover, you must make sure that the land is clear of disputes and the title deed is legal and registered.

Carpet Area

A property’s carpet area is what you get within the walls of the house. This can be different from the built-up area and the site used to calculate the land’s prices.

It would be best if you were sure of the living space you’d get to spend your time in.

Why You Should Get 1 BHK from The Grand Omaxe

Properties from Omaxe boast a list of extensive features and makes them the best for you.

Here’s a list of these features.

Prime Location

Because it is located in Gomti Nagar Extension, the property is in high demand. The Grand Omaxe ensures that you get the best amenities around your home. The airport, railway station, stadium, and parks are located within a 15 km radius of the property. The accessibility of amenities is now at your fingertips.

Safe and Elaborately Designed Infrastructure

Created by considering the safety and well-being of its residence, the Grand Omaxe is made with well-researched construction mechanisms. Besides having an earthquake-resistant infrastructure, the serene area comprises lush green spaces and a vast open layout. It makes for the perfect space for you to reside your family in.

Abundant Amenities and Services

The property comes with power backup and 24/7 security. The property’s architecture includes an open gym for kids, swimming pools, jogging tracks, and a tennis club. The Grand Omaxe is there for your all-around development and luxurious living.

Independent Floor Plan

The property layout in the Grand Omaxe is in the form of independent floors, giving you maximum privacy and peace. The floor plan for 1 BHK consists of 1 dining and living room, one balcony, one bedroom, one kitchen, and one bathroom.

The thoughtful structure of the property makes it just the right choice for you. If you’re someone who’s buying it for a small family, the elaborate design and well-thought-of infrastructure make it a perfect abode.


Finding anything perfect is never an easy task, especially your dream home. Loitering from one real estate office to another keeps on adding up the frustration without getting you any closer to your home. The Grand Omaxe understands your needs. If you require buying yourself a 1BHK house, you’ve reached the right place.

Decked up with the finest amenities, facilities, and infrastructure, it exists to rid you of your home buying worries. It features the best living space for a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle alike.

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