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What To Expect In A Luxury Apartment?

Do you want to own a luxury apartment? An abode that would be high on elegance, style, and class that would fulfill your desire of living in a world-class home. But hey, do you know that owning a luxury apartment might cost you an exorbitant amount? It is therefore mandatory for you to know exactly what to expect in a luxury apartment so that the money you invest does not go to waste and you end up buying a flat that justifies its price.

Numerous features, amenities, and factors go into differentiating an ordinary flat from a luxurious one and it is important for you to distinguish luxury apartments from regular ones so that you do not get fleeced and end up buying the home of your dreams.

It is therefore absolutely important that you have a clear idea of what is to be expected from a luxury apartment and whether it would meet your requirements.       

In this well-researched blog, we have tried to come up with a detailed insight into what makes an apartment luxurious and things that you must check before buying a luxury apartment. Enjoy reading!

12 Features that you can expect in every luxury apartment

1. Glammed Up Finishing Touches

These can transform any ordinary residence into a luxurious setup and is a must in any luxury apartment. Branded features like a modular gourmet kitchen, Jacuzzi in the bathrooms, high-end appliances, home automation features, fixtures installed, furniture, etc. are some of the features that would give any apartment a posh and polished, luxurious look.

2. High-End Amenities

Plush amenities are the hallmark of luxury apartments and make them stand out from regular ones and give you the opportunity to live your life king-size. Some top-of-the-line amenities that are mostly available in luxury apartments include a lavish clubhouse, roof-top private pools, large balconies, canopied walkways, vehicle charging points, a modern and spacious gymnasium, and more.

3. Location

Luxury apartments in Lucknow or anywhere are mostly set in up-scale and posh neighbourhoods to entice affluent clientele with luxurious and refined tastes. People who would not tolerate just any location and are very particular about where they live. It is very natural then that luxury apartments would not compromise their location and would almost always be set in a posh locality. 

4. Area

People who form the clientele of luxury apartments in Lucknow or anywhere for that matter would not settle for anything small. Luxurious apartments, therefore, come with huge built-up areas and have 3/4 BHK space with an expansive modular kitchen, big balconies, servant quarter, and even a party hall that cater to the demands of people who want to live their life without constraint.

5. Height

In any luxury apartment in Lucknow or anywhere else, the floor-to-ceiling height is ideally 12 feet or more. Anything less than this would relegate the apartment from its luxury status. If you are planning to purchase a luxury apartment then you would do well to check whether the apartment you have zeroed on has the required floor-to-ceiling height failing which it would lose its luxury status.

6. Secured Living

Luxury apartments in Lucknow or anywhere for that matter adopt a much higher level of security features that offer complete security to those living here. Emergency buzzers, intercoms, and top-of-the-line security installations are some common features of luxury apartments. Quite a few luxury apartments also offer solar generators, accident, and medical emergency relief rooms, natural disaster bunkers, and safe rooms.

An effective and elaborate security arrangement is an absolute must for any luxury apartment. Hidden cameras, high-tech automated alarm systems, and access-controlled systems to monitor visitor admittance are just a few security measures that are implemented in any luxury apartment. If the security system is not up to date and lacks being powered by the latest technology then the luxury apartment loses its meaning.

7. Interior

It is imperative for luxury flats to have large doors, distinct spaces, elegant flooring with modern lighting,  modern kitchens that are completely furnished, spacious living rooms with Wi-Fi and automated temperature control, and bathrooms with the well-lit and elegantly designed area. An apartment that does not have these features would in no way qualify as a luxury apartment.    

8. Exterior

Any luxurious apartment should give you access to a swanky clubhouse, a fully equipped gym, a multipurpose sports hall, a well-maintained lush green garden area, a lavish spa, a swimming pool, a jogging track, et al. If you are planning to invest in a luxury apartment, ensure that the apartment you are buying offers stylish furnishing and cutting-edge auxiliary and technical comforts.

9. Lifts

For any luxurious apartment, merely branded lifts would not suffice. To avoid any bottleneck, particularly during office hours, it is mandatory for the apartment to have multiple lifts for hassle-free commuting within the apartment. Moreover, in many luxury apartments, the lifts are broad enough to allow a stretcher in case of emergencies.

10. Architectural Flair

Luxury flats mostly use the services of reputed architects who plan attractive interiors for huge homes meant for the selected elites. The elegance and finesse of the design and stunning finishing will reveal to you the true essence of luxury. If you are looking for a luxurious project then never forget to analyze high-end projects. The apartment should also include sufficient green area, natural light, and innovative ventilation.

11. Maintenance Support

Almost all luxury apartments have maintenance staff who take care of the everyday requirement of the property and are also always there for repairs or upgrades. Minor issues can be fixed on the spot while the major ones can be rectified in a few days. This is a great help for the residents at luxury apartments as any issue in their flats can be attended to by the maintenance staff and they can carry in their lives without any concern.

12. Reputed Developer

It takes a reputed developer to come up with a luxury apartment. While purchasing a luxury home, it is important to buy it only from a reputed developer who has a track record of churning out flats with cutting-edge design, high-end technology, and superior technological innovation and who understands all the industry parameters like construction quality, specification compliance, offering promised amenities, and sticking to the deadline. If you want to know why you should buy a property from a reputed real estate developer, then read this blog.


Luxury, it must be understood, is not something that can be expected from any developer. It takes experience, excellence, and a will to deliver the best that sets the developers who can deliver top-class luxury projects apart.  So, if you are planning to invest in a luxury property make sure that you approach a credible and reputed developer who has previously delivered luxury projects in the past. Even then you should not forget to ensure that all the facilities and the amenities promised are delivered, the security arrangements are impregnable, the view from your home is pleasing to the eyes, the maintenance staff is polite and proficient in their work and you have easy and hassle-free access to things of everyday use. 

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