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Homes – A Lifetime Investment


homes a lifetime investment
For buying your first real estate investment, you can opt for many ways. You can use mortgages by taking out debts from the property. The use of leverage always attracts many real estate investors because it helps them acquire properties they otherwise could not afford.

In recent days, the best ways to make money and build your wealth has been ‘Real Estate’. It not only generates ongoing income source but it also rises in value with time, hence real estate proves itself to be an on investment in the cash value of the home or land that you buy. It can be a part of your overall strategy to begin building wealth.


The key frame for investing money in real estate is to put your money into work today and let it increase gradually day by day to make the investment a sure shot profit for you in the future. The profit that you will make while investing in the real estate must be adequate in order to cover the taxes that you have paid and the risks you have taken while investing in the real estate.


As the demand for rentals and property prices can go up and down anytime, the indirect and direct property investments become long-term service. In order to earn a better profit, one should invest in the slow housing market as it even the losses in such property investment turns out to be profitable with time.


Also, one should never skip the fact that even if buying and investing in stocks may look like a good investment, the only way through which you can actually make good profit and investment are only when the stock values are appreciated. Besides, people believe that buying stocks is a good investment but here the only way to make money is when the stock appreciates in value and you sell it at a good time. There is always less risk in real estate leverage than in stock leverage.


homes - make a rental property


Putting in your real efforts and best understanding, real estate investment will let you make money in the following different ways –


  • Make it a Rental Property– Get your place renovated, advertise it, look out for the perfect tenant and enjoy the investment for years. You can either rent it out to smaller units (a flat, duplex or triplex) or let it out on rent for business purpose. While you rent out for business purpose, the rents that you will receive will be higher, so it is always suggested to go for a well known and reliable business entities.


  • Ancillary Real Estate Investment Income– This sort of investment income includes renting out machines for offices or personal usage. Many of times, these sort of investments comes out as mini-businesses within a bigger real estate investment, hence allowing you to make fortune from your customers.


  • Buying Low and Selling High – One smart way to make money is to buy a property at the low price and sell it at a higher price. Showcase your property as such which would attract the buyers. Let us negotiation skills rule out, hence making it out an instant profit.


  • Tax benefit on interests- However, the tax benefits on interests varies from country to country, you can still reduce the mortgage interest from the rental income property and turn it into a tax-free profit.


  • Tax benefits on improvements– you can deduce the cost of the improvements from the rental income, while the added value of the property is all yours to keep.


  • Increasing equity– In case you wish you the mortgage to finance your rental property, with every mortgaged payment, you can increase your equity.


  • Profits from cash flow on refinancing– If you are refinancing the property to lower the mortgage bill while the rent still staying the same, you can generate more cash inflow every month. You can also have a margin for the property maintenance. You can save the deposit on new rentals. You also get to get passive income to spend on other aspects.


A major section of the real estate market bargain and negotiate with buyers in the form of distressed sales. These are the properties which have been foreclosed on the bank and are up for sale at a relatively lower price in order to clear its bookings.

So, if you are planning to purchase a property that you plan to rent out, you will soon be able to reap benefits out of your investment as soon as you find tenants. With the rent your tenants pay you, you invest it in your property again. You can also further reuse that money to pay off other debts and bills.

According to industry standards, you need to pay 20% as down payment while purchasing a house. If you are not able to pay this amount, there is a possibility that you can purchase an investment property by getting an FHA loan.


These loans let you become homeowners when you don’t have enough credits. In the age where there are trust issues with brokers and the home dealers, Omaxe promises to fulfill your aspirations and turn your dreams into reality. Come and be a part of Omaxe family.


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