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Difference Between Office Space And Retail Space

There is a boom being witnessed in the realty sector with both commercial and residential segments undergoing rapid transformation. It obviously augurs well for the customers who can now expect world-class homes and workplaces that can match global standards. Talking about the workplace, it can roughly be classified into two categories – Office Space & Retail Space. But hey, doesn’t that ring a bell? If both office space and retail space fall in the same category what actually is the difference between them? Let’s find out.

Retail Space

Retail space in most cases is more expensive than any office space. The setup is mostly synonymous with an anchor store which lay surrounded by smaller stores. If you are planning to buy a retail space then you would do well to opt for the one that is closest to the anchor store. This would fetch more traffic to your store.

Talking about buying retail space you would do well to keep a few points in mind if you are shopping for retail space. Have a read.

Visibility: When it comes to stores visibility is the clinching factor and is something that should be given top priority. Do not forget that people should know that your store lies there and for this purpose, it is important for your logo to be easily and unobtrusively visible. However, before you zero in on the space make sure that you know the creative and eye-catching way to display your logo.

Accessibility: Moving ahead, the next most important point in purchasing a retail space would be accessibility to your store. Anyone should be able to find and reach your store without any inconvenience even when the surroundings are crowded and busy.

Parking Space: Another important ingredient on which hinges the success of any retail space. It is important for visitors to have the facility to park their vehicles with ease and in a secure environment. So, whenever you decide to purchase a retail space ensure that it comes with sufficient parking space.

Office Space

When you compare office space with retail space one point that stands out is the expenses involved. Office space is almost always less expensive than retail space. Moreover, the lease period of the office is mostly for a longer duration.

It can also be renewed without any inconvenience. If you are on the lookout for office space at reasonable rates then you must think of taking it up on rent which would solve your money matters to a great extent.

However, like in any other case, there are a few points you must consider so that the office space you acquire should serve your purpose without any inconvenience. Have a read.

Visibility: An extremely important requirement for any office, visibility is one aspect that simply cannot be given a miss if you are looking for office space as it would clearly affect the visibility of your businessdefeating the whole process of acquiring office space.

Relocation: Another important point that you must considerbefore acquiring office space is whether you would like to move out or settle permanently. In case you want to relocate always think about how your customers would be informed about your relocation. This is one important point that has to be thought about much in advance.

Convenience: While purchasing office space do not ever forget that the ease and convenience of your customers are of prime importance. It is therefore important to ensure that the location you are opting for can be reached easily and without any hassles.

Look Before You Leap

It is true that there might be some differences between office and retail space but hey before you decide in anyone’s favour you must ask yourself which one of these would serve your purpose. Depending on your business you might require both so a thorough analysis is a must before you make a move. If you are looking for a brick-and-mortar store with a display area and expect plenty of footfallthen you should opt for a conventional retail store. Also, do not forget to choose a location with sufficient parking space for the customers.

However, if you run a business that is not dependent on visiting customers then and functions on the phone, e-mail, or by visiting the clientswho then visit you for meetings then it is the office space you should be opting for. It would be less expensive than the retail space and would offer ample space to run the business without any inconvenience.

Summing Up

Whether office space or retail space, do not forget that both offer you tremendous opportunities for growth and a chance to scale your business to greater heights. All that is required is to connect with a competent developer that would fulfill your requirements of retail or office space. Talking about competent developers one name that immediately comes to mind is Omaxe Ltd. A prominent developer in the country that has numerous residential and commercial projects that include both office and retail space to cater to the rising demands of modern entrepreneurs.

The company has constructed commercial spaces like World Street at Faridabad that offer world-class office and retail spaces in one place with the entire ecosystem that can take these businesses to greater heights. All you need to do is to connect with us and see your dream turn into reality.

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