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Unlocking the Potential: Top Reasons to Invest in Property in Indore

Indore of today is a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional highlights and has a number of USPs that make it one of the most coveted cities in India.

The city has plenty to offer to tourists who are simply bowled over by the numerous attractions ranging from majestic palaces to gushing waterfalls to ancient temples. No wonder Indore has emerged as one of the most sought-after by tourists as well as by those who want to settle in this beautiful city.

Here is a sneak peek into one of the most populous cities in Madhya Pradesh which is also popular as mini-Mumbai. Enjoy reading.

All About Indore
Indore came into existence in 1715 as a trade market on the route to Narmada Valley by local landowners who constructed the Indreshwar Temple in the year 1741 from which the city got its name.

The city was a princely state and the capital and an integral part of the Holkar Empire which was founded by Malhar Rao Holkar. After the rise of the British, Indore served as the headquarters of the British Central India Agency. It was also the summer capital of Madhya Bharat before it was incorporated into Madhya Pradesh in 1956.

Today Indore is the most populous city in Madhya Pradesh and an important commercial and industrial centre.  Textiles, tile, cement, chemicals, tents, furniture, and sporting goods, grain milling, and metalworking are some of the prominent industries in the city which also have auto and cycle workshops and engineering works, while the traditional industries like pottery-making and hand-loom weaving continue to thrive.

Climate of Indore
Indore falls in central India and experiences a mix of humid subtropical and savanna tropical climates. The city experiences moderate monsoons and winters but summers here can be quite oppressive with the temperature going past 42° C. However, despite the days being hot and intense, the evenings in Indore are cool and comfortable.

Though the winter in Indore is comfortable with the average temperature of the day hovering between 26 – 30° C, some nights can be decidedly chilly with the temperature falling below 4° C.

The monsoon in Indore lasts from mid-June to mid-September and experiences cool showers from the southwest monsoon that bring respite to the city from the heat and dust of summer.

Architecture in Indore
Several dynasties over the centuries have shaped the architecture of Indore. However, the Holkar impact on the sophistication and magnificence of every structure constructed during the regime simply cannot be missed. The palaces and chhatris built in that era are ample testimony of the love for the art and architecture of the Holkar rulers. Charming edifices ranging from Maratha architecture by Holkars to Mughal and British styles carry a great deal of historical relevance and are bound to win anyone over.

Economy & Industry in Indore
A prominent industrial centre, Indore is the chief contributor to the economy of entire central India and can well be termed as the business capital of Madhya Pradesh along with Pithampur. There are many industries in the city which include agriculture, IT, and automobile industries.

The textile industry can well be termed as the life and soul of the economy and conventional business of Indore. Today the city has a vast number of textile manufacturers and exporters working within its precincts. Moreover, Indore has also emerged as a much sought-after destination for IT bigwigs like TCS & Infosys who have planned several corporate addresses in the city.

Pithampur SEZ and Sanwer Industrial area are two major industrial zones in the city with many prominent factories operating from there. Sectors like pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and consumer durables, as well as the real estate sector, are among some that are doing quite well in Indore.

Entertainment & Shopping in Indore
Indore has many sources of entertainment like cinema, museums, sightseeing, well-maintained lush green parks, and excursion points like Maheswar, Mhow, Patal Pani, Ujjain, Wanchoo Point, and many more. There are also several shopping malls, and lively markets like MT cloth Market, Topkhana, Heritage Market, Sitlamata Bazar, Bada and Chota Sarafa Market that can be termed as prominent shopping destinations in the city.

Tourism in Indore
With many beautiful locations within its precincts, it really should not come as a surprise that tourism forms a major source of revenue for the city. Indore also has magnificent temples and palaces along with other monuments that remind one of the era gone by. Some of the prominent attractions of Indore include Central Museum, Lal Baug Palace, Rajwada, Chokhi Dhani, Town Hall, Kasturbagram, Bija Sen Tekri, Kamla Nehru Park, Adventure and Water Parks, Gomatgiri, Kanch mandir, Khajrana Ganesh Mandir, Bada Ganpati, Gita Bhawan, Annapurna, Gurudwara Imli Sahib and more.

People & Culture of Indore
A healthy mix of people from different cultures, religions, and social and financial backgrounds enrich Indore making it truly cosmopolitan. Marathi is spoken by a large number of people, however, Hindi, English, and Gujarati are also the languages spoken here.

The people of Indore are friendly and hospitable which enhances the joy of visiting the place. The city has also witnessed industrial development that has led to people from different parts of the country settling at Indore adding to the ethnic culture of the city. True to the spirit of Indore, all the communities live in perfect harmony and share each other’s joys and sorrow.

The intermingling of cultures can also be seen in the festivals celebrated at Indore with the city celebrating a range of festivals like Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Anant Chaudas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and Ahilya Utsav which make the place lively and colourful.

The food at Indore is also varied and truly sumptuous. Be it North Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Malwa to South Indian you can find them all in Indore. The city itself is popular for its typically appetizing cuisines like Poha, Jalebi, Mawa Bati, Khopra Pak, Malpua, Kebab, and Kachoris. Adding to the food scene of Indore, the city also offers Intercontinental, Chinese, and Western cuisines which add to the multi-ethnic culture of Indore.

Indore – The Cleanest City In India
Indore has an educated and well-aware population that understands the value of cleanliness and sanitation. No wonder then that the city has bagged the cleanest city award for the 6th consecutive year in Swachh Survekshan 2022.  Indore is also India’s first 7-star garbage-free city, which speaks volumes for the high standard of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene awareness of the people of the city.     

Real Estate in Indore
One of the fastest-developing smart Indian cities, Indore has witnessed tremendous growth and evolution, particularly in the last decade which has enticed many reputed builders who have several prestigious projects planned in the city.

A number of reasons go into making real estate such a booming sector in Indore.

  • Smart City
    Indore was among the first cities in the country to be included in the smart cities project and is emerging as an urban ecosystem that would integrate digital technology, knowledge, and assets to improve the services and become more responsive and loveable which would be a significant improvement from the current situation. No wonder more and more people would love to reside in a smart city that would have plenty to offer to its residents and this is a very good sign for the real estate in the city.
  • Indore BRTS
    A designated lane on the road for easy and hassle-free movement of the buses, the Indore Bus Rapid Transit System connects prominent city localities and is fast expanding. This facilitates traffic movement and relieves the city from traffic congestion enabling easy movement of vehicles. It indeed would be a joy to live in a city that does not drag because of traffic bottlenecks.
  • Infra Development
    The public places in Indore have been given a major facelift with prominent attractions in the city being renovated and restructured to make them more attractive and beautiful. The real estate market has also undergone a rapid transformation with malls, shopping complexes, multiplexes, townships, and industrial establishments adorning the city landscape with several attractive constructions in the pipeline that obviously bodes well for the real estate sector in the city.  
  • Influx of Migrant Population
    As the city produces more job opportunities and better educational centres, it will attract more and more people from around the country who would like to own a home in their favoured city. Needless to say, it would act as a shot in the arm for residential and commercial real estate in Indore.
  • Super Corridor
    Stretched from Airport Road to MR 10, a total area of 8 km, Super Corridor has a proposed width of 600 m, excluding a 75 m wide road.  As per the 2021 master plan, a total of 18 activities are allowed on the corridor which includes corporate offices, malls, and multiplexes.  Megaprojects like a sports complex, a medical hub, and a convention center are also proposed in the corridor which makes it a perfect destination for real estate investment in the coming days.

A perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern, Indore can well be termed one of the best cities in the country. Winning the cleanest city in the country award for the 6th consecutive time speaks volumes for its citizens and the value they attach to cleanliness and sanitation. Indore also has a well-developed and evolving infrastructure that makes living in this city of Madhya Pradesh a real joy.

As the city further evolves and creates more and more job and educational opportunities it would continue to strengthen its position as one of the most sought-after in the country while efficient traffic management, well-maintained law and order, lush green parks, lively shopping and entertainment centres, etc. would ensure that people do not face slightest of inconvenience and enjoy living in or visiting Indore.

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