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Amazing Places You Must Visit In Prayagraj During Kumbh!

Allahabad, now named Prayagraj, is considered a holy city as it is located at the confluence of the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati rivers. Prayagraj is among India’s most popular tourist destinations, especially during Kumbh Mela, “the largest public gathering and collective act of faith, anywhere in the world”, according to This year too, Kumbh was hosted in the city.

As you visit Kumbh, you also get an opportunity to explore several sites of religious and historical importance. Hanuman Mandir, Mankameshwar Temple, Ashoka Pillar and Swaraj Bhawan are important spots for visitors. However, Triveni Sangam, the point of confluence of the rivers is the most frequented spot in Prayagraj.

The Kumbh Mela is organised four times in a period of 12 years. After every 12 years, the Purna Kumbh is held in Prayagraj. It then moves on to Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. The recent Kumbh was Ardh Kumbh Mela, held once every six years at Haridwar or Prayagraj.

The places you must visit in Prayagraj during Kumbh, are:

    Sangam is among the holiest spots in India where the three holy rivers the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati meet. Thus, it is also known as the Triveni Sangam and is the most popular venue in Prayagraj. This is the most revered religious spot for pilgrims. It is believed that a dip at Sangam purifies soul.
    One should never miss the chance to visit the famous Allahabad fort which stands tall since 1583 in the city near Sangam. It is well-known across India and was built by Emperor Akbar.
  • Patalpuri Temple is a popular shrine in Allahabad Fort. It was also seen by the Chinese traveller Huan Tsung. Lord Rama had visited this temple, it is believed. This makes it significant for devotees. This is a must-visit spot.
    Hanuman Mandir in Prayagraj is one of the major tourist attractions for the spiritually enlightened souls. It is famous in Prayagraj for its resting idol of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that since the Vedic age, whenever the Ganga ascends, it immerses the temple and seeks blessings of Lord Hanuman by touching his feet.

So, when you come to Prayagraj, do visit its major tourist spots, Kumbh Mela being the leading one.

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