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Life At Omaxe Homes: Plants That Yield Positive Energy

Life in a city is difficult if your house is uncomfortable to live in. When you buy a small slice of heaven at Omaxe Celestia Royal, you begin to realise why they say, home is where the heart is!

So, you have just bought your dream property in New Chandigarh at the Omaxe Celestia Royal, now comes the part of decoration. How do you make your 3-BHK flat a place where you can relax and unwind? How can you ensure a clean space with good vibes? The simple answer is plants.

Plants will not only spruce up your 3-BHK flat, but these green wonders will also boost a sense of peace, purify the air and make you feel relaxed. Plants also help eliminate negative energy, improving your and the family’s overall health. How then do you decide which plants to keep in your 3-BHK flat? Here are some options you can choose from, to boost the positive energy at your property in New Chandigarh.

Holy Basil:
Most Indian homes have this plant. The plant not only purifies air but also helps attract positive energy. The plant also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory qualities, and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, which means it’s a great way to boost energy in your 3-BHK flat in New Chandigarh. You can also place this in your garden.

Rosemary acts against toxins in the air. It has a great smell and can instantly uplift your mood. The smell of Rosemary also soothes anxiety and helps you sleep better. It’s also used to cook a large number of dishes. How cool will it be when you can just break a sprig of rosemary from the kitchen garden and use it for cooking!

Palms are known to bring luck, wealth, prosperity and health at home. They are also ideal to create a room divider in your 3-BHK flat. Also, palms purify immediate surroundings.

Peace Lily:
The important thing about this plant is that it grows well under artificial light. This makes it ideal for homes and office spaces. Peace Lily is one of the most common houseplants as it is easy to grow and is beautiful. However, do keep these out of reach of children and pets. The plant contains calcium oxalate—a substance that may cause stomach and respiratory irritation if ingested in substantial amount.

Spider Plant:
Spider plants can tolerate a wide range of conditions and adapt easily. Get a couple of these plants and hang them in colourful planters. The plants will not only show off your green thumbs but also ensure you breathe fresh air at your 3-BHK flat in New Chandigarh. These durable plants are known to filter carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.

Not just these plants, there are various other plants such as jasmine, rubber plant, money plant, Boston fern and bamboo that you can keep to beautify your property in New Chandigarh.

All Omaxe properties are planned to ensure maximum green space for you to relax and unwind. But in case you plan to have your own little garden at home, here are more plants you can keep in colourful planters. You can choose from a wide range of options such as marigold, snake plant, Aloe vera, Bougainvillea, cacti, etc. There are many options.