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What You Should Know Before Buying a 2 BHK Flat in Lucknow?

Having your flat in the big cities is still the dream of many. We consider a lot of things before finally buying a flat. We think of the price, space, investment, location etc. when er go to buy a flat in the city like Lucknow, it offers cost-effective, low maintenance, amenities, and security. 

Of all the flats, 2 BHK flats is the most convenient one. There are many apartments with 2bhk flats in Lucknow. Flats can also be considered as one of the best properties to invest in. You can even find the flats for sale in Lucknow at Omaxe, which is one of the biggest flat and apartment-selling brands. 

Things to Know Before Buying a Flat

Flats are considered the best Real Estate Investment in India. Buying a flat needs financial, legal and other considerations that is why it is important to know many things beforehand to go with ease. Knowing all the important details gives you extra benefits and information regarding 

  1. Streamlined Buying Process.
  2. Right Financial Management.
  3. Strong Legal understanding of Backups.
  4. Awareness Of Fraudulent Deals.
  5. And You Get What’s Best For You. 

There are a few important things that must be considerably known by the buyer, which are as follows-


Even to get a flat in Lucknow with low price, it is important to finalise the budget. Every area has its own rate and you must finalise the budget to get any location access. Set the right budget by checking about the home loans or EMI with the bank. 

The budget cannot be finalised in one go as it needs a lot of consideration and research before coming to the point. To get any flat in Lucknow with a low price or higher, Omaxe can help you with ease.  Some of the crucial considerations before getting to the actual budget are-

  • Knowing your home loan eligibility
  • Knowing the viability of EMIs on home loans. 

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Locality is an important aspect of getting your own 2 bhk flat in Lucknow. Locality in a way decides the actual price of the property. Also, know the future of the locality as the price depends directly on the growth of the region. To know the right locality for you, consider the following points-

  • Proximity to your workplace. 
  • Connectivity and the available modes of transportation.
  • Quality of life in surrounding area.
  • Quality of the essential services such as water and electricity supply.
  • Access to healthcare, education, and entertainment facilities.


The size of the property depends on different aspects and you will get the quotation based on the different components of an area such as Carpet Area, Built-up Area, and Super Built-up area. 

  • The carpet area is the actual area of the flat that you can use. It includes the thickness of the inner and outer walls, corridors and balcony.
  • Build-up area is the total area covered by the flat including utility ducts. It is approximately 15%-30% higher than the carpet area.
  • The super built-up area involves the entire built-up area along with the commonly shared areas such as lifts, staircases, corridors etc. This area does not give clarity in setting the prices. 

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Make a list of the facilities that you need such as security and safety provisions like fire fighting systems smoke alarms and security guards. There are many flats for sale in Lucknow that provide you with amenities like-

  • Gymnasium
  • Park
  • Cafeteria
  • Party halls
  • Children play area
  • Swimming pool etc with the other needed facilities.

Amenities are facilities charges are also taken in the start of buying the 2 bhk flat in Lucknow and other places. It can also be considered as the maintenance fee. 



The entire buying process involves different costs that add up significantly to the total cost of the flat. Here are some of the possibilities that buyers must know before going for real estate investment in India, like-

  • Stamp Duty – generally 4%-5%
  • Registration Charges- generally 1%
  • Maintenance Charges including taxes
  • Preferential Location Charges like sea facing, on the road or at the round or top floor.
  • Amenities Charges
  • Brokerage- 1%-2% hefty


There are a few legal documents that must be checked thoroughly to have no problem in future. These legal documents help you gain ownership and know the conditions and situations of the flat. Even if you are looking for the best property to invest, in check on these few documents properly. Here is the list of all the needed and important documents you must know and also from where you will get those-

  • RERA Registration- The Registration Of the Builder with RERA
  • Encumbrance Certificate- Free from financial and legal burdens, Issued by the ub Registrar Office
  • No Objection Certificate- Issued by Banks and Local Authorities
  • Occupancy Certificates- Issued by Local Authority by checking the Occupancy Suitability. 
  • Completion Certificate- Municipal Authorities issue completion certificates to the builder after project completion.
  • Sales Agreement – Mutually agreed clauses between the buyer and the builder. 
  • Sales Deed- Core legal document for ownership of the Property. Property Rights are transferred from the builder to the buyer. 
  • Title Deed- Gives the status of the builders or seller’s ownership of the property.


Considering all the above points and knowing them in advance will help you a lot more in buying a 2  BHK flat in Lucknow. There are flats in Lucknow in low price that are good to live in and to invest in as well. You can find all the amazing deals at Omaxe with a lot of help in getting the best property to invest in. Knowing all the legal matters, budget, taxes and other details before buying any flat at any place is always worth it. 

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