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What is Penthouse? Everything You Need to Know about penthouse in India!

Are you searching for the ultimate luxury experience in your city? What if normal apartments don’t seem to match your lifestyle anymore, and you need to move up the ladder of better opulence and bigger living space? Then, look at the options for Penthouse in India. The Penthouse can be a great option for you to feel the luxury of high-end living in the urban space of bustling cities. 

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What is a Penthouse? 

So, a basic question that arises is, What is a Penthouse? A penthouse can be categorized as an apartment that along with the lower floor of the building also occupies a floor above it. The houses have basic high-end spaces like high terraces and panoramic views. 

The interior of the house is adorned with luxurious amenities and basics along with grand high ceilings. If you want to experience the best city living experience that has a grandeur feeling, then you should be considering a perfect Penthouse destination to meet your luxury needs. 

A penthouse can be the true epitome of the ultimate luxury lifestyle, as they have spacious interiors and a perfect mix of comfortable and grand living in bustling cities. 

You are not just buying a house, but a penthouse brings with it real prestige along with investing smartly in a house that will provide fantastic resale value or if you are thinking of renting that house, you can be sure that it will provide great revenue. 

Also, penthouses provide a great opportunity to do many different types of interior styles or customization according to your lifestyle needs. This is possible because most of the penthouses are available with the flexibility of floor plans and flexible design options. 

Whether you want a true minimalist and modern style or the traditional cozy and comfortable style, you have the option to do that in a penthouse. Although it’s a great way to enhance your lifestyle to the true opulence you always needed, you need to know everything about the penthouses.

Difference between an Apartment and a Penthouse 

  • Opulence 

When you just hear the word Penthouse, it provides a beautiful array of images of luxury that soothes you through your lifestyle from the penthouse. A true feeling of elegance. The luxury of a penthouse is at par with the best villas on the side and the ambiance of the penthouse is way better than any apartment. 

On the other side, an apartment is designed for the maximum amount of use in a very limited space. The apartments are designed with necessities in mind and have limited space that cannot be customized.

  • Amenities 

The basics of any penthouse are different from the apartment. The full layout and the amenities offered by the penthouse are different from the conventional type of apartments. The Penthouse has a proper separate type of entrance and an elevator for the upper floors or the door of the penthouse. Also, the penthouses generally have vaulted ceilings that provide a view of the room that appears much bigger than it is. 

Higher levels of security are a truly distinguishing feature that separates the Penthouse from the normal apartment. 

Demand for penthouse in India

Investing in any property is a big decision whether you are investing in a penthouse or a general property. In recent years the demand for Penthouse has risen due to many factors. Some of the main factors for the rise in demand for penthouses in India are change in mindset. The mindset toward investing in penthouses has changed. Also, the earning potential of urban people has increased. People who want a great penthouse experience should go towards Omaxe Penthouse, as these are the high-end opulent penthouse options and a true way of living in the ultimate luxury in between the busy city life. 

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Budgeting for Your Penthouse Purchase

Before investing in any perfect penthouse destination you have to ascertain some principles for budgeting for that beautiful purchase: Here is a proper checklist for the best preparation for budgeting for your penthouse purchase: 

  • Ascertaining objectives: First, you have to define the basic usage of any penthouse. If you are using the penthouse for vacation purposes or as your home or buying that property for investment purposes? What are the facilities you need and what is the value of that? Along with that, you have to calculate the different amounts from maintenance to others. 
  • Market research: Compare the different locations and decide in which location you want to purchase the property. You can take help with the different assistance services provided by Omaxe. This will help you decide the best penthouse according to your requirements. 
  • Financial decisions: You have to put down all the factors of the property and all the costs involved. There are many costs involved in buying any property and investing in Penthouses are no different. You have to take care of the property cost, loan, down payment cost, monthly installments, closing costs, and other costs incurred on it. 
  • Flexibility in choice: As the demands of these penthouses are high, you may have to compromise the penthouse options or search for a better one that can suit your needs. 

Disadvantages of Buying a Penthouse in India!

Even though Penthouses are great for high-end living and a great luxurious environment, the penthouses do come with some drawbacks that an investor in this type of property should be aware of. Here are some of the drawbacks or disadvantages of Buying a Penthouse in India: 

  • Premium Pricing scenario: As these kinds of houses are very luxurious and highly exclusive, they have a much higher price bracket than the regular apartments that have a single story. The prices are also dependent on the location and trends in the market. 
  • Higher cost of maintenance: The penthouses being opulent and having upper-end security and maintenance attract a much higher cost of maintenance than regular households. The residents of the penthouses have to bear higher maintenance charges for society. Also, due to the bigger area both indoors and outdoors, the cost of maintenance and upkeep of that house is significantly higher than traditional apartments. 
  • Elevator and stairs: Although the views from the penthouse are beautiful, it comes at the cost of spending more time in elevators or using the stairs inside the house more often. This can become a difficulty in urgent scenarios sometimes. 

Advantages of Buying a Penthouse in India!

Although there are some drawbacks and limitations, it is nowhere near the advantages of buying a Penthouse. Let’s look at some of the advantages of Buying a Penthouse in India: 

Beautiful views: The most unique advantage of buying a penthouse is the view it offers. Due to windows that go from the floor to the ceiling, these offer spectacular views of the city. 

Great investment: even though the initial investment in the penthouse is significantly higher, it provides great returns later in terms of living space and luxurious living. These houses offer great resale value too. 

Security and Privacy: The level of security you get in these penthouses is unmatched and you will get privacy of access by having separate access to your penthouse apartment. 


The level of sophistication that you will get in a Penthouse apartment built by the Best real estate developer in India is unmatched. If you are thinking about investing in a penthouse in India, now is the best time as they provide the highest levels of luxury and unmatched value. Great opulent living is waiting for you. 


1. What is a penthouse?

A Penthouse is a multi story apartment with all the modern style and luxuries along with different floors and other opulent amenities like terrace and other facilities.

2. How is a penthouse different from a regular apartment or condo?

A regular apartment or a condo is just an apartment located in one side of the building while a penthouse has an extra floor along with the access to its individual terrace and other facilities. 

3. What are the distinguishing features of a penthouse?

Some unique features of penthouse are: 

  • Terrace: A penthouse has a full terrace where you can entertain guests, do gardening or simply relax there. The terrace provides a full view of natural scenes or cityscape. 
  • Fireplace: A penthouse has an option of a fireplace that helps in comfort and coziness. A fireplace enhances the overall ambience of the place. 
  • High ceilings: A penthouse has ceilings that are high that creates a great sense of spaciousness and a sense of openness.
  • Large windows: The bigger windows help with more light in penthouses, make the house look spacious and also provide stunning views. 
  • Multiple Suites: A penthouse has the option of multiple master bedrooms that can accommodate either guests or family members. Each room has all facilities like bathrooms etc. 
  • Den or Office spaces: A penthouse may have different rooms for recreational activities, office or work spaces. 

4. Is investing in a penthouse in India better choice? 

Yes, investing in a penthouse is a good choice specially in India as they provide the opulence and luxury for a great lifestyle. Penthouses also have special exclusivity in India. Also, they provide great ROI due continuous appreciation of property. 

5. How many people can live in a Penthouse?

It directly depends on the size and the proper layout of the penthouse along with local norms and regulations. Still, a penthouse has the capacity to accommodate more people than a normal apartment due to bigger size and more bedrooms. 

6. Are penthouses usually more expensive than other types of residences?

Yes, the penthouses demand much higher than other types of residences and other types of residences but they have luxury and all the modern amenities along with exclusivity and great living space. Also, the penthouses are much bigger and have terrace and floor. 

7. Can penthouses be found in both residential and commercial buildings?

Yes, penthouses can be found in both residential and commercial buildings and they can be generally found on the top floor of the building.