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Tag: Property In Ludhiana


Ludhiana – The City Defining Punjab’s Urbanism

Ludhiana, is a rising city in Punjab and is known as “the Manchester of India” for its production of hosiery products. Major companies in the region, including world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, Hero Cycles, are based in Ludhiana. Ludhiana is also Punjab’s…

लुधियाना में शानदार पेंटहाउस!

पंजाब के शहरों में कुछ अलग ही बात होती है। इनकी आबो-हवा में एक अलग जोश, एक अलग मिठास, और आजकल की भाषा में कहें तो एक अलग स्वैग होता है। ऐसा ही एक शहर है लुधियाना। इस…

Luxurious Penthouse In Ludhiana — The Royal Meridian

People of Punjab, especially Ludhiana, are known for their sprawling Bungalows or Kothis with immaculate green lawns. There is, however, a huge surge in demand for penthouses in Ludhiana. Why would anyone then abandon existing huge property in Ludhiana and move…