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Home Loan

Home Loan vs. Land Loan: Same or Different?

Do you want to lease or buy a new property? If yes, the market has several options for finance. However, exploring such options give rise to practical questions. Like this one: What is the difference between a home loan…
3 BHK In New Chandigarh

Buying A 3 BHK In New Chandigarh

It is said you will find it difficult to acclimate to other cities once you live in Chandigarh. What makes Chandigarh so special? Dubbed 'The Beautiful City,' this place has been ranked as one of India's top emerging…
Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Takes Flight!

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous State with a population of around 2 crore, is fast catching up on the connectivity infrastructure front with major investments being done in airports, highways, and expressways, waterways thereby boosting growth and employment…