Omaxe - Corporate Social Responsibility



Transparency, integrity and ethical standards are foundations for the conduct of business at ‘Omaxe’. This translates into the philosophy on ‘Corporate Governance’ of the Company. At ‘Omaxe’ it is believed that adoption of best practices of Corporate Governance ensures long term relations with the investors and customers of the Company. Further, the Company firmly believes in good Corporate Governance and at ‘Omaxe’ Corporate Governance has been a high priority both in letter and in spirit. The Company believes that good Corporate Governance strengthens the investors’ trust and ensures a long-term partnership that helps in Company’s objectives. The company’s philosophy on Corporate Governance lays strong emphasis on transparency and accountability in the functioning of the Company and conduct of business and places due emphasis on regulatory compliances. The philosophy is manifested in its operations through exemplary standards of ethical behavior, both within the organization as well as in external relationships. The Company is committed to enhance shareholders value in the fair and transparent manner and has been in the forefront for bench marking itself with the best business practices globally.

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