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Prayagraj-the city where the confluence of three holy rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati takes place. The town is the site of the famous Hindu pilgrimage festival -The Kumbh Mela. An administrative and educational city, the economy of the town is supported mainly by agriculture, tourism and the fishing industry. The city is also home to more than ten thousand small-scale industries.

The town is a major contributor to the economy of Uttar Pradesh and has attracted a lot of investments post-pandemic in the real estate sector. The town is a great source of talent pool for new companies settling in the city. This aspirational talent pool, along with the influx of people looking for new opportunities, has created a lot of demand for real estate in the city.

Omaxe is well placed and well connected to the old city with its Township that offers all the modern amenities for a comfortable living.




Omaxe Prayagraj township lies close to the holy Triveni Sangam and is the perfect place to unwind and relax. This 232.50 acres Hi-Tech Township of Omaxe lies on the waterfront of the Yamuna River and is an enchanting place to be in the lap of nature. It also enjoys proximity to schools, hospitals, universities, and other amenities. 

A six-lane cable bridge connects the Township to the old heritage-rich city. Omaxe Ananda and Omaxe Shiva Phase I, II and III are the two projects that take forward the 35 years legacy of Omaxe. Omaxe Ananda will be ready for possession soon while Omaxe Shiva is undergoing construction. 

Omaxe Township accompanies a Hi-Tech Saraswati Township, which UPSIDC is developing. The two townships will complement each other economically and socially as the city expands. Also, the promotion of Prayagraj as Kumbh Nagari by the UP Govt. has spurred economic growth and has led to the expansion of the city across the river as the land in the old city is scarce. 

Omaxe Prayagraj township offers the blending of transcendental peace and modernity and is a feather in the cap of Omaxe, which has spread its product portfolio in 8 states and 29 cities. 


We are continuously trying to achieve new heights while maintaining the highest ethical standards and also being conscious of the impact our work has on creating a better tomorrow, a better India.

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Prayagraj has been the centre of attraction for a couple of years now. After Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath approved Ganga Expressway connecting Prayagraj with western UP as well as the new airport complex was inaugurated, it became evident that Prayagraj will be the centre of attention for all-round development. 

New developments have been seen in residential projects in locations like Mundera Bazaar, Sulem Sarai, Dhanuha, Jhusi, Naini, Bajha and Jhalwa. Prices in these locations are also quite affordable as compared to metros and start from 35 lakhs onwards for 2, 3 and 4 bhk properties. There are also many open spaces available in Jhalwa and Naini for the construction of freehold residential projects.

 Recently it has been noticed that due to several transformation steps taken up by the government, many real estate developers have started to work on various residential projects to meet the demand of the estimated population of 1.11 million. However, if you are looking for residential projects then we would recommend Naini as a prime location for you. It’s close to the chief industrial area and is also referred to as the twin city of Allahabad. 

There are a couple of projects like Omaxe Aananda located in Naini, Omax Shiva and Omax Shiva Phase 2 which have not only shown good returns but also provided a high quality of living and comfort for residential apartments when compared to any other project nearby this locality.

On the other hand, if you're looking for investment options in upcoming projects, consider visiting a reputed developer and one who is trusted for standing tall on the commitments and delivery of the project.

Investing in real estate property is not an easy task and takes a lot of planning careful market research and analysis of property and returns. If you are planning to invest in a ready-to-move-in flat, keep the following points in mind - 

  • Background cross-checking before investing
  • Calculation of total expenses as well as returns 
  • Review investment loan procedures
  • Choose the right project and developer/builder
  • Nearby locations and successful commercial complexes
  • Speak to locals instead of property dealers, as it will help you to understand the project better

Pay frequent visits to the site to understand more about the property 

The prevalent rate trends of Prayagraj defines the overall state of the real estate sector in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These pricing trends help to figure out whether it is the right time to invest or not.

According to the current market price, the property rates start from Rs.20 lakhs for 1-BHK and the average price was noted to be Rs. 35.23 lakhs for a 2-BHK apartment. But while investing in a property one of the biggest challenges faced by an investor is to figure out the actual value of the property and this apprehension keeps them from investing in the first place. Real estate agents with the intention of making a quick buck end up fooling the clients by asking them to pay more than the actual market price. Or the actual rate and circle rate of the property differ by a great margin. To solve this issue, you should always keep in mind that the value of the property is broadly based on factors such as Location, Accessibility, and Site.

Moreover, the seller can demand more for prime locations and the only way to find out the best location is either searching in the heart of the city or where there are maximum numbers of employment opportunities like for instance Naini is a good place to invest your money. 

If you are looking for a commercial property in Prayagraj, some important points should be kept in consideration before finalizing the property. Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone looking for his/her dream home in Prayagraj, we have the following recommendations for you:

  1. Check for project Approval and License
  2. Check how far are the projects with nearby business or industrial locations for ease of travel. 
  3. Verify about developer/builder associated with residential property
  4. Only the local banks are supporting the project? Or nationalized banks are supporting too?
  5. Any recent projects completed by the developer and its success/quality of the construction. 
  6. What is the rental income of other similar projects in the area
  7. Are their nearby markets, schools and shopping complex. 

Jhusi, Naini, Civil Lines &Jhalwa are the top and premium localities for having a residential apartment.

If you are planning to invest in Prayagraj, consider investing in the projects of Omaxe Group in the area as not only they are one of the reputed developers in the area, but also their Omaxe Shiva and Omaxe Shiva Phase II are ready for possession. Furthermore, there is the assurance of not blocking your investment amidst the slowdown. The Omaxe Shiva Phase II was launched owing to the success of Omaxe Shiva and it's quite evident that investing in either of the projects will yield high returns.

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