Executive Director

As the Executive Director at Omaxe Ltd, Jatin Goel brings a dynamic blend of expertise in real estate, finance, and a genuine passion for crafting spaces that inspire thriving communities.

Having earned a Master's degree in Management from the prestigious London School of Economics, Jatin's academic foundation underpins his strategic insights into the complex world of real estate. Together with his brother Mohit Goel, he represents the new generation leadership that builds on the legacy set by their father, Mr. Rohtas Goel, the visionary founder and chairman of Omaxe Ltd.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to innovation, integrity, and excellence, Jatin spearheads the Design & Development arm of Omaxe Ltd. His visionary approach, coupled with a keen understanding of evolving market trends, ensures that each Omaxe project transcends conventional boundaries, delivering spaces that resonate with modern lifestyles.

Under Jatin's leadership, Omaxe Ltd continues to shape the real estate landscape in North India across 27 cities and 8 states. His acute attention to detail, creative acumen, and dedication to fostering vibrant communities define his approach to business. Through meticulous planning and design, he envisions spaces that don't just offer homes but create holistic living experiences.

Jatin's commitment to elevating the quality of urban life drives him to contribute to Omaxe's legacy of transformative projects, marking him as an influential figure in the real estate arena.