Group Director

Jatin Goel is part of Omaxe’s steering team as group director of the company and is responsible for enhancing business operations. He heads the group’s design & construction, post-sales, IT, HR & admin verticals and has introduced modern technology to revamp processes in the company.

An innovator at heart, he has keenly overhauled Omaxe’s construction planning, improved procurement & supply chain management, and brought major efficiencies in business operations. 

In terms of his academic pedigree, Jatin is a Warwick undergraduate in Accounting and Finance and a London School of Economic (LSE) Masters in Finance and Entrepreneurship. 

He strongly believes in the entrepreneurial DNA of India and invests actively in new-age tech and competent startups. Prior to joining the family business he also created a TV show called The Vault, an investment platform where entrepreneurs pitch ideas and if opted for by investors, can avail instant funding.