Real Estate Companies in Delhi NCR

Omaxe Capital Redevelopment is our first step towards creating a New Delhi that supports a comfortable metropolitan way of life. Our vision is to bring a touch of world-class to every Indian’s city life. We aim to create a safer, better standard of urban living by re-conceiving and building already existing residential and commercial structures from scratch. As of today, our city houses twice the population it was originally built to support. We have started to move into nuclear families that stay in cloistered, noisy spaces. Capital Redevelopment redefines existing homes and opens the possibility of an improved lifestyle. We re-design buildings and housing societies; re-create residential colonies and even individual complexes to create more usable space. Besides adding valued amenities like club houses, elevators, swimming pools, play zones and organised parking lots to your already-existing address, we develop intelligently, construct efficiently and deliver on time. We believe progress is not just a function of infrastructure, but also of organised liveable space. We are ready to cultivate a new way of life by redeveloping housing colonies within the city. We strive to give you a home which is far more valued and is a long lasting asset for you and your future generations. To Redevelop with Omaxe, is to revolutionise the way you have always lived.