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Progress is a never ending and continuous loop. Even when most Indians fiercely aspire for an urban lifestyle in metropolitan cities, they seem to be making compromises with cloistered living in heavily populated areas. In the past 8 years, New Delhi has seen an influx of over 2 million people and the city has been able to support the increasing pressure on land by using quick but temporary remedies for collective housing. Fragile colonies have sprung up in clusters across areas like IP Extension, Pitampura, Mayur Vihar and Rohini to name a few. Some housing areas in Central Delhi are more than a hundred years old. Although living in an old house in an obscure charming by-lane may seem poetic, the negligence that most of these buildings face is alarming.

Delhi falls in World Seismic Zone 4 and is prone to tremors and earthquakes. According to the 2002 guidelines which were issued by the Government of India after the Bhuj disaster, developers across India had to follow stringent procedures while building housing colonies and townships. The new laws lay emphasis on safety of build and encourage construction methods that safeguard against destruction of life and property in the event of an earthquake. About 68% of all buildings in New Delhi were built before the 2002 construction guidelines came into effect. However, a date or a year is not the ideal test of structural stability for any build. Taking account of the fact that even best quality steel bars start to corrode after 15-20 years of installation, the real assessment of crumbling point for buildings is done by structures engineers and architects. Repairing an old build offers only a partial solution to any housing society or commercial complex. It is a superficial measure and unless the build is strengthened from inside, the building would always be at a greater risk of collapsing. Redevelopment on the other hand involves re-designing builds by the use of latest construction techniques. It increases size of every apartment, giving you the luxury of space and also adds a lot more value to your already existing address.

Redevelopment promises a better life – and a better future.

We see demolition as a chance to create something better. Omaxe Redevelopment does not only build multi-storey buildings that use up space constructively and intelligently, but also revolutionise every Indian’s life by giving them the essentials of community housing. To highlight a few, an area once redeveloped will have:

  • Modern high-rise elevations
  • Building designed as per seismic zone 4 for earthquake resistance
  • Elegant entrance lobbies with latest amenities
  • High speed elevators
  • Increased accommodation space resulting in appreciation of property price
  • Organised parking lots
  • Community facilities for all residents
  • Power back-up for all residents and common areas
  • Designated children play area
  • Central open and green spaces
  • Rainwater harvesting and provision for solar water heaters
  • Latest security systems with CCTV surveillance, fire-fighting alarms and PA systems
  • Zero Discharge waste and recycled water management system